Monday, April 18, 2022

This Resurrection Day, We Reclaim the Rainbow

This Resurrection Day, let us PROCLAIM and RECLAIM the Rainbow!

This bow in the clouds is a sign that our loving Father will never again condemn the world with a flood. In fact, in Isaiah 54:9 our Daddy God refuses to own the waters, but instead refers to them as "the waters of Noah."The rainbow is not an invitation to destroy yourself, but a reminder and a covenant that the Lord has visited all our sins upon his Son, that we may reign in life with Him!God the Father will never rain judgment down upon us, because all of it fell upon his Son!One last revelation: what is a rainbow? Strictly speaking, a rainbow is light that is refracted. Another word for refracted is "broken." Jesus, the light of the world, was broken for our peace! The Rainbow speaks of Jesus and His finished work!In no wise are we "taking back the rainbow," for no one can take away the rainbow! The truth is that we are reclaiming its full revelation!#Easter #ResurrectionDay #Jesus #Rainbow #ReclaimTheRainbow #ProclaimTheRainbow #TakingBackTheRainbow #StandForTruth #ReignInLife #Righteousness #Peace #Joy #Easter2022 #SayHisName #Saved #Savior #MySavior

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