Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Open Secret: Homosexuals Are Homophobic

"Dear Straight People" Pro-Gay Website
Has Lots of Homophobia

It's not very often that one finds homosexual activists telling the truth. They offer all kinds of lies to justify their broken lives and destructive habits:

1. I was born this way.

2. Society is punishing me for being born this way.

3. If only society would accept it the way that I was born, I would be OK.

4. My parents love me because they accept me for whom I am, i.e. gay, trans, etc.

And so on.

Of course, no one is "born that way."

It is not the fault of any culture that there is so much harm and self-destruction among homosexuals.

Even in the most LGBT-affirming countries, all the health and mental problems that afflict homosexual populations are still prevalent.

And it's not love for parents to enable their children to fall into LGBT behaviors. That is actually a form of hate.

But, as I wrote at the outset, homosexual activists will sometimes tell the truth.

Check out these rather blunt truths that Sean Foo from "Dear Straight People" shared with the public:

Why Open Relationships Are Common Among Gay Men

The original URL link writes "Why Polyamory is Common Among Gay Men."

Homosexuals engage in multiple relationships, indulge in multiple sexual partnerships.

What's going on? Why is this happening?

Sean Foo "spills the tea":

Open relationships are rampant among gay men! No, I do not have any credible statistics or evidence to back my claim up. But if you happen to have any gay friends, chances are, he will probably tell you in a very jaded tone that monogamous gay relationships are fast becoming nothing but a gay fairy-tale.

Ok, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. Monogamy isn’t completely dead in the gay community, but it isn’t exactly the norm either. While polygamy does exist among heterosexual couples, it isn’t frowned upon in the gay community in the same way that it is among straight people. Polygamous straight couples tend to keep their swinging practices to themselves. Polygamous gay couples on the other hand, are generally pretty open to acknowledging that they aren’t sexually exclusive to one another.

Sean Foo
Out-Homo ... Phobe

It's an official and unofficial fact that homosexual conduct is conducive to promicuity, and as Sean himself admits, they are "proud" of it!

But Sean shares more:

And the general consensus for why open relationships are not only common, but generally accepted among gay men is that simply well, gay men are sluts!

Wow! This is pretty derogatory. One out-homosexual admits that other homosexuals are sexual deviants, promiscuous, abusing their bodies with themselves and other people. Pretty shameful, but clearly honest.

Indeed, a number of studies confirm that homosexuals have on average fifty partners. FIFTY!

And the self-loathing, the homophobia does not stop there:

Gay men however, aren’t as heavily influenced by social norms as straight people are. Gay men have always lived outside the rules of society. The same-sex attractions we experience naturally makes us social misfits. Thus, it follows logically that gay men aren’t going to adhere to social norms as much as straight people do. We are left to our own devices, each of us developing our own perspectives on how a relationship should be like. Some gay men subscribe to the heteronormative concept of monogamy. Others however, find the monogamous nature of heterosexual relationships irrelevant, thereby choosing to have an open relationship instead.

In other words, homosexuals only care about themselves. They don't care about the needs of their partner or rather "partners." They give themselves permission to break all rules, customs, and modes of acceptable conduct, because, once again, they want to play victim, claiming that their attractions are "normal."

However, is there anything really normal, or even acceptable about a male having abusive intercourse with fifty strangers on average?

Here's more proof of homosexual homophobia, from Sean Foo no less:

Dear Gay Men, Let’s Stop Hating Each Other!

Wow! Sean admits that homosexuals hate each other ... but they also hate themselves!

Let’s face it, we hate a lot of things. We hate homophobic people. We hate ourselves. We hate each other.

Homosexuals are a pretty hateful bunch, aren't they? And they admit it!

Homophobia within the gay community is a longstanding issue, one that is often swept under the carpet. Instead of addressing the homophobia prevalent within the gay community itself, we often rather focus on the hate coming at us from the straight community because that seems so much more easier to deal with.

Yet again, homoexual activist Sean Foo plays victim, talking about the so-called "straight community" and their hate for homosexuals. The truth is that people who oppose homosexuality do not come from a place of a hate, but a place of truth. The behaviors themselves are intrinsically disorderded, and they harm the individuals who practice them along with society as a whole. The people who push for militant, imposed "acceptance" of these behaviors are wreaking untold havoc on communities around the world, as well.

Again, telling people the truth is not hate. Lying to people, that is a form of hate. Forcing a deceptive, deceitful agenda on adults and children--that is a form of hate.

So, already, we expose that homosexuals are hateful to themselves, because they are giving into a lie to abuse their bodies. And now they plainly admit that they hate each other:

The cause of homophobia from within the gay community itself however, isn’t as obvious. Despite the fact that gay activists regularly preach about the importance of love during their campaigns, their message of love seems to have gotten lost within the gay community.

"Love is love" really is just an empty slogan among homosexuals, both the activists and those who don't really say or do anything besides ... one another. (However, the truth is that every homosexual is inevitably an activist, determined to normalize his--or her--perversion to the world and to seek then demand acceptance.)

From here, Sean Foo does not merely "spill the tea," but rather releases a tsunami of homophobia:

I mean, homophobia within the LGBT community is rampant! There are the gay men who taunt the fat ones. The gay men who detest the feminine ones. The gay men who ridicule the closeted ones. The gay men who only talk to other gay men of a certain race or ethnicity. The gay men who get labelled sluts after having sex on the first date. The gay men who get labelled sluts after having sex on the fifth date. The gay men who get labelled sluts after only having sex once. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture by now.

There is so much hate, and so little time to keep up with all of it.

Truly, the homosexual movement is built on homophobia. So much self-loathing inevitably leaks out into loathing other people. No matter how many sexual encounters a male (or female) may have with other same-sex partners, the love, respect, and intimacy they are seeking remains wanting. The deeper emotional, emotional, and psychological turmoil which they face on a day-to-day basis is never assuaged, never appeased, never resolved.

They have been lied to by a dedicated political effort to normalize something which can never be normal, and to believe something which is emphatically untrue, from the inside out.

Homosexuals are homophobic, and they cannot help but be so. There is no escape for them out of those perversions, and they are embittered by the pain and suffering which fines no outlet in sexual promiscuity.


  1. "a number of studies confirm that homosexuals have on average fifty partners" SOURCE?

    1. https://medium.com/@neuropsychology/gay-promiscuity-statistics-partners-45fc370c0ca5