Monday, April 19, 2021

Call to Action: Help Texas MassResistance Pass Bill to Ban Sex Mutilation of Children

Call to Action: Help Texas MassResistance Pass Bill to Ban Sex Mutilation of Children

HB 1399 will ban transgender treatments on minors in TEXAS. These procedures include puberty blockers which stop puberty and wrong-sex hormones that cause secondary sexual characteristics to develop in the child (e.g. Facial hair, deep voice for a girl, breast development for a boy).  Additionally, it will ban several surgeries that mutilate or amputate the healthy organs of minors.  Girls as young as 14 are having their breasts amputated in gender clinics in Texas as confirmed by activist Tracy Shannon and Gender Mapper volunteer, Lynn Meagher in this video:

These efforts are all named after James Younger, a boy who is being targeted for sex mutilation by his mother. That is why we have been wearing "Save James" stickers:

Our youth are being targeted with gender ideology. More and more children are presenting to gender clinics because someone online or in public schools has confused them into thinking they may be transgender.

Communities of color are specifically being targeted by LGBTQ activists. Programs such as Drag Queen Story Hour is receiving grants to expand their gender confusing program to children in communities of color.

We oppose the indoctrination of youth with the harmful gender ideology and supports HB 1399 which will ban these life-altering and irreversible treatments for minors in Texas.

We respectfully ask that HB 1399 be scheduled for a vote.  The time to protect Texas youth is now. Testimony provided in the House Committee on Public Health by the founder of a gender clinic in Texas revealed that the gatekeepers have been replaced by cheerleaders for gender disfigurement of minors.

Please call, email and tag Dustin Burrows (Lubbock, District 83) and Joe Moody ( El Paso, District 78) asking them to support the safeguarding of minors by scheduling a vote on this bill which is in their Calendars Committee. We will not accept the excuse that the clock ran out when it comes to safeguarding Texas children.

Dustin Burrows

Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0542

District Address: 

10507 Quaker Avenue, Suite 103
Lubbock, TX 79424

District Phone: (806) 795-0635

@Burrows4TX on Twitter  @Burrows4TX 


Joe Moody:

Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0728

District Address: 

7365 Remcon Circle, C-301
El Paso, TX 79912

District Phone: (915) 751-2700

@moodyforelpaso on Twitter  @moodyforelpaso   on Facebook

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