Monday, July 22, 2019

More Canada Insanity: Man Pretending to Be Woman Shuts Down Wax Shop

This is Canada, folks.

This creep is a man.

He is pretending to be a woman, and he is claiming to be a lesbian, as well.

His insanity led him to harass bikini wax clinics not once or twice, but eighteen times.

He has dragged a number of these cosmetic employees before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. This is abuse on an unprecedented scale.

And this is happening in so-called tolerant, diverse, progressive Canada.

A businessman, businesswoman can be fined for refusing to go along with the mental illness/delusion.

Oh, and this guy is really a guy, a predator who wants to take advantage of women and children:

And it gets worse!

It's time for MassResistance!

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