Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walker Walking Over Attacks

Governor WalkerVerified account@GovWalkerMar 16
Philippians 4:13

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been targeted by Democrats wanting to outs him for reelection in 2014, and liberals who want to prevent him from running for President in 2016, should he choose to do so.

First, a vain attempt to expose an off-the-record email account within the governor's inner circle was deleted. Even when Fox News anchor Chris Wallace repeatedly attempted to corner Walker on the account, the governor pointed out that a Democratic attorney general closed the case, finding no wrongdoing.

Then Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke argued that unemployment has actually grown during Walker's tenure. Politifact slammed the accusation with a "Pants on Fire!" rating (the same rating earned President Barack Obama's Lie of the Year: "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.")

Still, Democratic activists and liberal opponents chrage that Wisconsin unemployment is still rising, despite acknowledging that Burke's assertion is patently false. For the record, even if unemployment was topping off at 6%, that rate is far better than many states in the country, including Rhode Island, California, and Illinois.

In the realm of free speech, Walker is under attack for tweeting "Phil. 4: 13" on his government account. The Constitution bars the state establishment of religion, not the free exercise thereof. Even governors have faith. Walker's economic policies have created a near one-billion dollar surplus, the overbearing dominance of the public sector unions have been curbed, granting more freedom to schools, and his stance on life and liberty remain unchecked.

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  1. Who gives a shit about Walker's stupidity on Twitter? He's repugnant in many other ways. Among the racist jokes and emails found in recently released documents connected to the criminal probe of Gov. Scott Walker’s 2010 campaign, one stood out: A “joke” about a woman trying to sign up her dogs for welfare, because “my Dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who the r Daddys are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care, and feel guilty.” The punch line: “My Dogs get their first checks Friday.”

    Walker’s deputy chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch replied: “That is hilarious. And so true.”

    The joke is bad enough on its own, but it’s also worth noting: Back when Walker was Milwaukee county executive, and Rindfleisch was a top aide, he managed the county’s welfare programs so abysmally that after lawsuits by local clients, the state was forced to take them over. “They didn’t just call people dogs, they treated them like dogs,” one Milwaukee elected official recalled angrily.

    “Milwaukee County has demonstrated a sustained inability to successfully provide services to its (poor) customers,” state health services director Karen Timberlake wrote in a February 2009 letter to Walker announcing the state takeover. Milwaukee became only one of 72 Wisconsin counties to wind up with its programs for poor people under state control.

    It’s a chapter in Walker’s career that shows why, to many in Milwaukee, his staff’s racist jokes aren’t funny.

    Scott Walker is a piece of shit.