Monday, March 17, 2014

The Definition of Crazy in 2014

What else is crazy? A whole lot coming
from Democrats in 2014
The writer of this junk pollutes various Patch sites with his combination of conspiracy theories, right-wing talking points and outright lies. Hey, Artie--get a new hobby before people think you're bats#it crazy. (Jim B.; Once again, an attacker with no courage to write his full (or her?) full name)

I love my haters! There is something thrilling about seeing enemy elements descend to the lowest shame in an attempt to silence or shame you into silence.

Crazy is the new epithet for shutting down individuals who care about limited government, individual liberty, and constitutional rule. The Soviet tyrants would use the same label to shut up then shut away political dissidents, deeming them "sane" at another set time (usually, some time in the afterlife, but by then, the Siberian cold would have killed the "crazy people", if the hard labor and torturous prison conditions did not.)

Following this hollow post offered after I launched a piece on Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa, I offer the following, with much more:

Crazy is "If You like your health plan you can keep it." and then running with that lie month after month, even in the face of those who have lost their health insurance. (President Obama)

Crazy is "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor", then trying to backpedal from this assertion as more people lose their doctors (

Crazy is shouting "What difference does it make?" regarding the death of four diplomats in Benghazi, Libya (Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton)

Crazy is shouting "The TEA Party can go straight to hell!", especially when individuals in your representative district are members of the TEA Party movement (Congresswoman Maxine Waters)

Crazy is taking an oath to defend the United States Constitution, then routinely ignoring one's oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land (including one's own) (Obama)

Crazy is yelling "I'm tired of this"! when mounting evidence suggests cover-up regarding IRS targeting of conservative groups. (Cummings) 

Crazy is drawing a red line against Syria should they use chemical weapons, then doing nothing about it (President Obama)

Crazy is declaring "We're not broke!" when the nation faces multi-trillion dollar national debt (Congressman Henry Waxman)

Crazy is lambasting the CIA for snooping on your computer but saying nothing to the NSA snooping on everyone else's phone ( US Senator Dianne Feinstein)

Crazy is doing an all-night filibuster on climate change, when people are struggling to find jobs, and keep their health care, which your party helped kill (US Senator Barbara Boxer)

Crazy is calling yourself a Republican, when you support expanded abortions, gay marriage, gun control, Common Core, and the TARP bailouts (because you supervised them) (Neel Kashkari)

Crazy is calling people 'bat-sh#' crazy because they refuse to relent on exposing the crimes and setbacks of an administration which has been labeled the least transparent by the Associated Press (Jim B. up there)

I have defined crazy in many ways. You are going to have to do a much better job than "The writer of this junk pollutes various Patch sites with his combination of conspiracy theories, right-wing talking points and outright lies."

Thanks for reading, er screeding.

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  1. Another crazy: Declaring on the floor of the August legislative body, the US Senate "They're lying!" in a shameful attempt to downplay the horrible effects of a terrible law which is ruining this country's health care (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid)