Friday, March 14, 2014

Kneel to RINO Kash-n-Kari? No!

RINO Neel Kashkari for CA Governor?
If anyone meets the definition of RINO, or Republican in Name Only, that would be Neel Kashkari, who "supervised" the 2008 TARP bailout under President George W. Bush, then served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability into the first five months of the Obama Administration.

He played multi-billion dollar big money spender under two Presidents, both of whom should have never pushed through or continued the bailout of bad banks behaving badly with other people's money. In the words of former Congressman and Reagan Administration budget director David Stockman: "The rules of the market were needed during the Housing crisis," countering Bush's folly which argued "We must suspend the rules of the free market in order to save it."

$700 billion dollars and six years later, big banks have only gotten bigger, along with the national debt and the annual deficits. The moral scandal of the federal government borrowing from the future to pay former debts and current retirees as well as mounting entitlement unsustainablilites should enlighten enough outrage in the California voters to displace anyone connected with so naked a spending spree.

Despite California incumbent Governor Jerry Brown's ardent affirmations, the state's balanced budget is anything but, depending on rosy tax revenues which awkwardly assume that the wealthy will get wealthier, or that rich people will move to tax-and-spend California to lose more of their hard-earned wealth to the hard-up spendthrift Sacramento Democratic supermajority.

And Neel Kashkari has the audacity (of hope?) to run his campaign championing a supervisory role in the TARP bailout?

In 2008, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista) had harsh words and frustrated reviews of the TARP money, sounding off on the fact that the Democratically-controlled US Congress, with a frantic Republican President, pushed through the enormous bailout, only to see the money spent on something else instead of its intended purpose.

Issa's question to Kashkari: "I want to know whether Congress was lied to or was there a team a along who had an alternate idea on how this money would be spent?"

Followed by a resume of the TARP team's decision not to buy assets, Issa continued:

"You never explained why you didn't by one of those assets."

Despite Kashari's protestations about the need for an abrupt shift in the  dispensing of the TARP bailout money, the American people were still left "holding the bag" for an aggressive expansion of national debt, where major financial firms either dissipated or expanded, and an anemic recovery which has witnesses the roaring of Wall Street, with the waning of Main Street, all while K Street dances on streets of gold, all paid (and still being paid) by We the People.

Kashkari's connection with the cash-n-carry TARP bailout alone should disqualify him from state office. Including his liberal stances on other issuers, pro-choice (as if!), pro-gay marriage, pro-gun control, pro-Common Core (or should one write, ObamaCore?) and pro-Big Government, with an email or two about stopping the billion dollar bullet train boondoggle and making education better (who wouldn't, but how would he?), California voters should shout "No!" to RINO Kash-n-Kari for governor in 2014.


  1. I love that you have an Anthem ad on this blog! I signed up with them on the Covered California site in January--I couldn't get health insurance previously as a newly self-employed epileptic (only able to be covered as an employee through a group plan) and I've started a small business--and the rate with Covered California/Anthem was a shade less than through the group plan and coverage was actually better than through the group plan. My neurologist said that the ACA is a "godsend" for his patients and that he's "thrilled" it is law. Thanks for the ad!

  2. So, he might be the reason that we lost our home of 22 years??? If they bailed out Bank of America who bought Countrywide home loans. We were fighting with Bank of America to remodify our home loan. We were told we made too much money, then we were told we didn't make enough money when my husband lost his job. We tried over 6 times to apply for a remodification of our home loan. I became disabled and was receiving state disability. Bank of America was supposed to us the money that they received from the government to help customers like us keep our homes. They failed to do so and threatened to foreclose on our home, so we moved into a rental because we were afraid that we would lose all of our belongings. My husband go a new job. Then Bank of America sold our loan to Bayview Loans LLC who told us that Bank of America did everything wrong and they could help us keep our house. We went through a couple of different reps. they told us we were approved but we had to prove that we either lived in the house or were renting it out while we were in a rental home. We were in a catch 22. Obama's Keeping Homes Affordable Act completely failed us. We were forced to do a short sale on our home. Our adult children were away at college and were heart broken to come home to a different house and in a different town. It was so upsetting that I would not want anyone else to go through the hell we went through.