Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brown For US Senate in NH--- Yes or No?

Is He Running for NH US Senate?
Live Free or Die, Brown!
Former US Senator Scott Brown has sounded out every intention that he wants to run for US Senate, again.

Or has he?

First, he turned down running against Markey for the 2013 special election following Kerry's promotion to Secretary of State.

Then he declined to run for governor, even though he had a statewide likeability greater than any other Republican, and even after losing to Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren by five points in a Presidential election year, where the GOP contender was an anchor on races nationwide.

Then he sold his Massachusetts home in Wrentham.

Then he turned his summer home in New Hampshire into his new permanent residence.

Then he started popping up in New Hampshire GOP functions, yet remaining coy the whole time about whether he would run or not.

There have been boos as well as raves, since he supported an assault weapons ban in the US Senate, and voted for Dodd-Frank, which is Obamacare for the banking industry. "If you like your bank, you can keep it. If you like your money. . ."

In a way, Brown has every reason to be hesitant. He put a lot of time and energy into a second run in two years for his own senate seat, and in spite of his high approval ratings, the Democratic machine took the seat away and handed it to a trumped up "anti-corporate" corporate lawyer and academic who fluffed her ancestry to increase her chances of gaining academic tenure.

Brown has graced (or grazed) the front page of key New Hampshire papers, and now he has launched an exploratory committee. Finally, or is it final yet?

New Hampshire expects some fiscal responsibility from their leaders, and no doubt former Governor Jean Shaheen has relinquished that responsibility, supporting President Obama's profligate spending, union connections,  and above all Obamacare.

She cannot run from her support for that unsupportable, the very legislation which helped get Brown elected in Massachusetts in 2010 following Ted Kennedy's timely demise.

Will Brown wow enough crowds to get elected in 2014? Will the anger with Obamacare, plus a lot of help from AFP help propel the former Senator back to the US Senate?

Stay tuned.

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