Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weighing in on the 30th Congressional District Vote

Berman vs. Sherman -- where's Pee-Wee Herman?

I feel sorry for the Valley voters, so accustomed are they to throw sops and votes to the liberal establishment.

If I had to choose between Berman and Sherman, I do not think that I would sit out the vote, that's for sure. Even a dedicated Republican or Independent can find something to support between the two of these two politicians who are as liberal as the day is long.

Howard Berman has a power broker brother, Michael, who according to LA Weekly has been pulling the levers of redistricting power at the state level, protecting his brother Howard's extended stay in Congress, which looks as if it is going to end very soon.

I hold no grudges against long-standing politicians, provided that the votes which they cast serve the greater good. Sadly, aside from Berman's overt advocacy for the state of Israel, Berman has been a lock-step for the progressive left in Congress for three decades, and has faced only token opposition.

The easy ride ends today. Brad Sherman has a slight home-court advantage in the new district, in part because the non-partisan redistricting commission put 50% of his constituents in the new district, while only one-fourth of Berman's district wound up on the new 30th.

If I had to choose between the two, I would support Sherman. He has less seniority, which will slow his rise in the ranks in Congress. He also voted against the TARP bailout, a horrendous misuse of state power and taxpayer funds.

The Republicans have lost the two-tier spots, but that does not mean that the Republicans cannot force an expensive general election fight, which will exhaust the liberal establishment and assist GOP races in other parts of the state and the country where the Republicans are certain not only to maintain their hold but expand their power in Congress, both among establishment and Tea Party Republicans.


  1. Sherman voted against the final Tarp bill, but has voted for other bailouts and simply voted against this bill because some specific industries weren't targeted. Now he is claiming he is against giveaways. It's ridiculous. Berman is considered the more moderate by people in both parties. Sherman's campaign manager and political guru was also Tom Hayden's manager and that is where most of Sherman's organizational support comes from. If you are a conservative, you should talk to the people who have the same political views as you do and who are endorsing Berman overwhelmingly.