Saturday, June 9, 2012

Health Classes Waived -- Wave Good-bye to Education

Why are district officials tossing to and fro ideas to waive class requirements?

Health classes in some instances are an integral part of a student's initial curriculum. The poor choices evident by poor dieting and a diminished self-respect are harming youth as much the diminishing returns which students are receiving from their education in their core academic classes.

The blanket policy shifts which are eating away at class curicula are another sign that LAUSD is top-heavy with overlaid bureaucracy, in which former teachers looking for higher pay take on meaningless desk jobs that do nothing to advance the causes of children learning?

This question is moot, of course, as bureaucracies by nature grow, no matter how needless or heedless their mission in training other teachers of coordinating "stuff".

Instead of waiving classes, why not teach students how to wave long good-byes to their teachers and any chance of a meaningful education from LA Unified?

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