Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Walker's Win is a Win for Everyone

Governor Walker has won the recall vote in Wisconsin.

His win is a win not just for Wisconsin, but for the entire country. I revel in his second reelection, one which he won by a higher margin than his previous election.

This victory is a sign to every other governor, from Massachusetts to California, that cash-strapped and weary voters are tired of one dedicated group of legalized pulling the levers of state power in state capitals throughout the United States of America.

The expensive entitlement-entrenchment of union lobbies, funded with forced dues from public employees to fix legislative majorities and finance lavish payment and pension packages from the state at taxpayer expense, is over. Public workers deserve better and the public as a whole should not have to subsidize his cycle of corruption anymore.

Because of his success in besting this abortive recall effort, I am saddened somewhat that Governor Walker won’t be able to run for higher office in my native state of California, but I hope that His Dairy State moxie can motivate Governor Moonbeam and his increasingly disillusioned Democratic ilk to rethink their slippery ties  to public sector unions, stand up for the taxpayers of the Golden State, and put an end to self-interested interest groups who intimidate legislators with erroneous and misleading propaganda.

On a final note, I am pleased to see the GOP taking the more progressive tone in Wisconsin, except this time in the proper direction of limited government, constitutional rule, and fiscal responsibility.

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