Saturday, June 23, 2012

Federal Government on Eliminating Homelessness for Veterans

The federal government is trying to continue in its mission to eliminate veteran homelessness over the next five years.

Why not decrease the number of veterans altogether? Decreasing this country's military exploits all over the world would diminish the number of struggling veterans who battle the strain of battle-wounds, both the physical and emotional, while looking for a place to live, regroup, and regain their footing in the world.

Veterans are ending up homeless because they have not received proper training or adequate care following their deployment or return from combat.

This country is putting our armed men and women into harm's way, fighting unwinnable wars without providing a concrete strategy or an overall game plan for the final objective. What will "success" look like in Afghanistan, for example? What about Iraq, where after ten years, the central government holds at best a shaky grip in on political stability in the region.

Soldiers deserve to know the military objectives and witness the results of their sacrifice, yet increasingly they are being deployed into hostile terrain without clear borders, without a clear indication of who the enemy is, and where he can be detained and destroyed. This county had established an uneasy relationship with Pakistan, yet the military junta of that troubled nation had practically harbored the Al-Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden for years. Gross incompetence or crass insolence only can explain such a hateful oversight on the part of our meandering allies in the region.

Elimination homelessness for our returning veterans will start the moment that this country has concerted and responsible leadership combined with limited-government advocates in Congress who will end these costly and pointless military ventures around the globe!  Let's end veteran homelessness by bringing our troops home as soon as possible!

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