Saturday, June 9, 2012

Response to Repohl's "No There There"


I must admit -- when I read your piece "No There There", I first thought of Gertrude Stein, who one described Oakland as "there's no there there."

She was an out-of-touch elitist to many, especially those who found her "autobiography" of companion Alice B. Toklas, and all her other residual works, stifling and unreadable.

I believe that characterization of the "Grand-dam" of Lost Poets also fits the current President.

"The paucity of political plunder" to describe Romney just as well applies to President Obama. Many pundits were justly concerned that most mainstream media commentators were only interested in how the 2008 president-elect "felt". If only we had known about his entrenched progressivism and plain disdain for discussion and disagreement, as exposed in the recent publication "Amateur."

"Obama never seems to know the weakest beams to nudge." President Obama's platform is full of holes and weak planks. He cannot run on his own record, so he is attacking Romney's,who has a verifiable record of achievement.

I would prefer the robotic Romney to the "Messianic" Obama, who floated nothing but false hopes and has made this country much worse for wear.

Obama's "soaring speeches" have become "boring reaches" which have failed to fire up his disillusioned base.

"Romney is neck-and-neck because slogan is more alluring than substance."

This subtlety is what suckered so many voters in 2008. Obama's "Hope and Change" slogans are now coming back to haunt him, and rightfully so.

There was never any "there there" when Obama ran for President, merely riding the wave of "Anti-Bush" animus that disheartened conservatives and enraged everyone else.

Yet within two years, I remember seeing a smiling W. waving, with the caption "Miss Me Yet?" right next to it . .

I admit, I will not miss the current Vanity-in-Chief, who has made himself nothing but the standard by which statist progressivism is indicted, judged, and damned.

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