Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maureen Dowd Still Sipping the Kool-Aid

Even the fawning, liberal elites have been forced to admit that their Messiah is a false one.

Barack Obama claimed empyrean rhetorical skills, yet his lauding liberal base still claims that he failed to sell the merits of his stimulus and medical insurance mandate.

The man issued so many speeches, even pundits from across the ideological spectrum were forced to concede that the American People were tired of listening to the man.

The only person caught up on the perfect pitch of Obama's political pitches is. . .Obama himself. Romney has already pounced on one of his most overt gaffes, "the private sector is doing fine", which even the mainstream media could not ignore.

Former Pennsylvania Govenor Ed Rendell argues that "the administration lost the communication war with disastrous consequences," resulting in the shellacking of 2010. No, Governor, the American people heard loud and clear everything that the President Obama was proposing and passing without the approval of one third of his caucus of the American people. They want to get past this ignorant, Bush-hating induced euphoria that sent the president into office, enough that more voters are willing to settle for the former Massachusetts governor who has failed to ignite his own base, yet has raked in a respectable sum of campaign contributions compared to the pressed incumbent, rejected by Main Street and disillusioned Ivy League elites.

If anyone is losing the communications war at this point, it is the liberal political class which continues to assume, without reserve, that the American people or unremitting simpletons who do not know anything unless someone tells them what to think, say, or do. From fiery townhalls which exploded across the country in 2009 up to the final Sunday evening vote in March 2010, the voters in this country has a greater working knowledge of ObamaCare than the legislators who were plugging the program. They were duly disturbed, and they expected their duly-sworn representatives to uphold the Constitution, protect individual rights, and respect state sovereignty.

Columnist Maureen Dowd is unserious and oblivious to the point of completely discrediting her integrity as a commentator.

"Obama feels he can't run on his record," Down muses tacitly. What record could he possibly run on? This is not just a matter of sentiment,  but a political calculation borne by polls and headlines, all of which are headlighting throughout the country that this man has failed to deliver the "Hope and Change" which he so vapidly promised in 2008.

"As President, Obama has never felt the need to explain or sell his signature pieces of legislation -- the stimulus and health care bills -- or staunch the flow o false information from the other side,"
Ms. Dowd was either living in a cave or so enraptured with the hallowed halo of progressivism from her beloved Savior, that she missed the seventy plus speeches delivered by the upstart chief executive. He sold his legislation alright, but no one in this country was buying, and now the 53% majority that elected him into office, including disaffected independents and lackadaisical liberals, are experiencing buyers' remorse.

"Superheroes and mythic figures must boldly lead."Still, Ms. Dowd insists on the Messiah complex, straining still to justify the massive policy failures and political gaffes of a president who is human, all too human, taken in by the same ambition which plagues every office-holder beholden to no one but his own rah-rah.

"In some ways, he's still finding himself, too absorbed to see what's not working." From his inauguration speech to the present day, his favorite word has been "I", convinced by his own ignorant arrogance to have all the answers, to embody everything that this country needs, when his amateur self-posturing has only aggravated the rampant failure of an administration so out-of-touch with the will and workings of the market, the Constitution, and the American people, that we can only wonder at the sheer ignorance of the chattering classes to talk up the man's flimsy record and flimsy skills in dealing with others.

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