Friday, June 29, 2012

Waxman's Incompetent Fascination With Baseball

Congressman Henry Waxman has not distinguished himself as a legislator who prizes the well-being or best interests of his constituents. He  manipulated his chairmanship on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee repeatedly during his tenure on the committee in the later part of the 2000's.

Above, Cartoonist Gary Varel lampooned Waxman's witchhunt over steriod use in major league baseball. He vigorously impugned the character of Roger Clemens, who was later acquitted of all perjury charges related to his testimony before his committtee in 2008.

In a recent interview from the documentary "BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER" (2008), Congressman Waxman is caught both ignorant and incompetent on the matter of steriod use, including its limited legal medical exceptions. He expresses an astonishingly lacking amount of insight on the matter -- yet he felt more than entited to take up taxpayer time and dollars on a matter which commanded little interest or import for voters across the country.

For any taxpayer who manifests even a bare interest in how his or her federal taxdollars are spent, no admission could be more disturbing or frustrating the Waxman's fluster comment to having no clue where $15 million for steriod education ended up.

Waxman has never faced a meaningful challenge to his tenure after nearly forty years in Washington. He has arrogated investigative power out of pure power-fiat. 2012 is the first time that Congressman Waxman will face a meaningful challenge.

Anyone in Congress would be better that a man who spent months going after private drug use instead of attacking the public debt and entitlements that are eating this country from the inside out. Instead of indicting baseball players for using controlled substances, the next Congressman for the 33rd Congressional district needs to spend more time attacking our federal government's addiction to borrowing and spending while weaning this nation off its current addiction to foreign oil from hostile countries.

Congressman Waxman has waned in recent years, apparently convinced that he has no need to respond or respect the requests of his district. From his apparent ignorance on issues which he blasted at length on the Government Oversight Committee, to his lock-step support for the Obama agenda of expanding government power at the expense of the states and the individual citizen, Mr. Waxman has given ample reasons for cutting short his over-long tenure in Congress.

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