Saturday, June 9, 2012

"The Private Sector is Just Fine" --HA! HA!

No matter how much the mainstream media tries to spin President Obama's latest gaffe, the incumbent commander in chief has no excuses for his completely out of touch persona.

The main news organs can no longer dismiss Mitt Romney as an aloof elitist, especially compared to the man that the Massachusetts technocrat is running against.

The Republican party has every right to jump on this man's outrageous lack of sense. He is grasping at straws, hoping for any whiff of good news, but this week, and the past three years, have all but decimated any record of accomplishments that he can claim to run on.

"The private sector is not doing fine", calmly responded back House Speaker John Beohner, not that we the people needed him to announce the obvious. No matter how many current reports suggest that the slow uptick in private sector jobs is great compared to the dwindling loss of public sector positions, this country has yet to see the wave of recovery which will more than the much the devastating losses of the 2008 and 2009, where seven million jobs evaporated along with the wealth and sale of houses ready to be flipped and invested in.

President Obama cannot place the blame any further on George W. Bush, as the former Chicago community organizer offered a transformative presidency, yet one which has stagnated more than anything else.

The private sector will be fine, however, as soon as this president is removed from office and returned to the ivory halls of academia, where his perverse and out-of-touch views will only affect his like-minded coven of liberal elites.

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