Monday, June 18, 2012

Immigration Reform and ID Laws are Not "Jim Crow"

LA Weekly has pushed the line of decency, but not for the illicit ads in the back of the weekly rag.

In the June 8 edition of the paper, Mr. Chuck Strouse actually insinuates that the strict immigration laws springing up throughout the South, and in other parts of the country, are just another example of race-baiting on the rise.

Nothing could be less enlightening or  more frightening than the gaining insinuation that protect our borders is a crime against humanity or an affront to civil rights.

A nation that cannot enforce the borders, regulate who enters and naturalizes themselves in this country, behold a nation that can neither recognize nor respect the civil rights of its citizens.

The rule of law means excluding miscreant behavior and including every person with awareness and excellence in partaking in the security and safety of a nation which protects its resident members.

The state of Arizona did pass illegal or racist legislation. The false persuasion that the immigration law will scare individuals of darker complexion of different accentuation is a folly.

Regarding the passage of ID laws for voting purposes, this legislation is a discrimination based on legal identity, not racial divides. Citizens of all stripes and colors support requiring individuals to prove their citizenship before they vote. The election franchise is a right and a privilege, one which should not be compromised merely because political correctness fanatics are pointing out the trends of affected individuals who may be compromised by this legislation.

If voting means that much to certain aggrieved parties, then why not press their outrage and obtain proper identification in the first place? Instead of spending millions of dollars suing state and federal agencies for requiring voters to provide identification, why not set up a fund and disburse donation so that impoverished individuals can receive identification to vote?

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