Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reaction to Obama's Recent Amnesty

By executive order, President Obama is bypassing the primary role of the Congress, and has issued a cease-and-desist order to immigration officials around the country not to round illegal immigrants who came to his country before they were sixteen, are currently thirty years old or younger, and have no criminal history.

The illogic behind this move is completely political, one which has become a certain staple of this presidency, doing everything to shore up votes and support for himself while dismissing his role as chief executive and trampling the rights and liberties of the American people and the several states.

The whole argument about illegal immigration is not complicated at all. No matter what the circumstances, individuals residing in the United States who are not born or naturalized, are illegal residents. To assume that these individuals can be in this country yet not be law-breakers is an inane and insane trope of double-speak.

This President has abrogated his role as commander in chief of this country. He has no interest in commanding any respect beyond the bare majority that will net him a second term.

I call on every able Congressman to enact articles of impeachment against this president, who has brazenly and shamelessly dispensed with his role of securing our borders and respect the rights of those born and naturalized in this country.

Amnesty as a policy is foolishness, one which endangers everyone, including those individuals who have chosen to enter this country illegally. The rule of law is a precious element in any nation, one which cannot be compromised. No one has the right or the place to set up this nation for rampant cultural and economic failure.

The well-being of every person in the United States, legal or illegal, depends on secure borders. The well-being of this country depends on making President Obama a one-term wonderment.

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