Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sowell on the Tea Party

For a long time, Democrats have gone to Washington to win at all costs, while too many Republicans went to Washington to compromise with Democrats. The rise of the Tea Party may change that. Thomas Sowell, -- Random Thoughts, June 20, 2012

Compromise is a four-letter word, indeed. Compromised created Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, entitlements which this country cannot afford. Then and now, this country's political class has justified these outrageous handouts from the public treasury to bless the growing class of elderly.

Republicans live in Government, they are pledged to lessen and lesser government, yet they get trapped in the same addictive cycle as the Democrats, the party that champions grand and expansive extensions of state power.

Is is possible for the Republicans to hold their ground and stand on their platform of limited government and constitutional rule? I believe that the growing, raging caucus of Tea Party stalwarts, from Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul in the House of Representatives, to Rand Paul and Marco Rubio in the Senate, are leading the charge of not-doing, of not-spending, and voting not to do anything.

"The Rise of the Tea Party" is the conservative revolution resurrected. The United Colonies of America did not want to reinvent the world, they did not seek to upset the rule of the Crown or of Parliament. On the contrary, they merely expected their King and countrymen in England to rule with respect the legacies of Common Law. After centuries of salutary neglect, the British Empire expected the colonies to submit their economies and business culture to the regulatory, mercantile hegemony of Parliament. The colonists refused, and as the goals of subject and sovereign grew strained, with the quartering of soldiers and the blockade of trade, the American colonists became American citizens, yet still cherishing and upholding the revelation of natural right presented in Common Law, yet as a change of basis originating in the Creator, no longer in the King.

The Tea Party of 1773 changed things then -- the Tea Party of 2009 to the present will do the same now!

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