Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rahm Emmamuel Takes on The Chicago Teachers Unions

God is with the taxpayer, not just in Wisconsin, but He looks to be manifesting His presence and power in the crass and crude chief-of-staff turned mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

The Democratic Party claims to represent the interests of the people, yet it is becoming glaringly and unavoidably clear that the interests of public do not intersect but in reality conflict with the best interests of everyone. The City of Chicago faces multi-billion dollar deficits, yet teachers can retire at 60 and take in a pension that rivals the working man's yearly salary in the third largest city in the country.

Even liberals are having to choose sides against the power collective of union strength. Anti-work, anti-freedom, anti-worker, union collectivization has created racist conditions, wage slavery that prices out entry level employees and frustrates cities and local entrepreneurs who want to do better for themselves.

The blunt force of one group has not right to strike down the access and success of everyone else. The power of the public sector to compel the public purse to shell out millions in easy benefits has come to an end.  The cozy relationship of union hall and statehouse is being ripped apart by the Great Recession, which has exploded the idea that extra money from cash-strapped taxpayers can continue funding entitlements which are overwhelming, unsupportable, and simply unconscionable in the wake of housing foreclosures, job losses, and anemic job growth.

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