Friday, June 15, 2012

Sacramento "Teacher of the Year" Fired

Michelle Apperson of Sutterville Elementary School, the “Teacher of the Year” for Sacramento City Unified School District, is about to be laid off because of the growing budget dysfunction in Sacramento.

District officials contend that they are mandated by state law to enforce the “last hired, first fired” rule for certificated staff.

The fiscal and education crises in California cannot be solved with tax increases absent reform

Instead of tax increases, Governor Brown should put the following amendments to a vote:

1.      Reform teacher tenure in public schools

2.      End compulsory dues to public sector unions

3.      Limit State Spending

4.      Enact a Statewide School Choice Program

Whereas previous governors have failed to promote these initiatives, Governor Brown, taking advantage of the increasingly unpopular public sector unions and increasingly exorbitant budget deficits, could sell these initiatives successfully, saving extraordinary teachers, curbing public sector unions, and salvaging this state’s sinking financial future.

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