Monday, June 18, 2012

Immigrants' Dreams Realized? A Nightmare Unleashed

"This is utter lawlessness", Charles Krauthammer declared on Fox News shortly after President Obama declared that he would no longer enforce deportation against young illegal immigrants who have demonstrated adequate academic standing, respect for the law, and who were brought into this country before they were sixteen.

Indeed, this president's utter disdain for the law should be enough to disturb everyone living in this country, legal and illegal.

This executive order is a nightmare that will only get worse. How many more illegal immigrants will start pouring across the border knowing now that their children will not risk deportation? This hollow and heartless political move will now put more youth at risk, for parents who are not citizens of this country will have less incentive to become citizens. Mothers will  have no standing in court to enforce the legal responsibilities of fathers who abuse their kids or refuse to provide child support in the event of divorce or abandonment. With the easing of immigration laws, there will now be more youth put in the precarious position of living in this country yet unable to enjoy the rights and privileges of the position.

Young people are being pushed into the shadows because of illegal aliens who insist on bringing their children into this country without seeking proper naturalization.

The president has just enabled a nightmare to grow worse, more  menacing, more damaging.

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