Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tom Barrett Did Not Deserve a Slap in the Face.. .

. . . The public sector unions of Wisconsin did, and they got it, and flagrantly at that!

The public sector unions in the Dairy State are up in arms that not only did they have to drop a little more into their pensions and benefits -- still one third less than employees in the private sector.

I think that the harsh and dooms-day rhetoric propelled forth by the public union lobbies -- which more often than not have been good at nothing more than bringing a lot of angry people together to make a lot of noise and intimidate politicians and voters.

One public sector worked actually whined on live television -- following Governor Walker's successful win over the abortive recall -- that "This is the end of the Untied States." Really?

When the Milwaukee Mayor conceded defeat as the polls were drawing to a close, the crowd roared with disapproval, shouting down their standard-bearer, who at least had the decency to congratulate the incumbent on his second victory. One of his flustered supports shouted at Barrett, "Can I a slap you in the face?" Instead, he offered to take a hug, but the lady clacked him across the face anyway.

The histrionics, the uproar, the lack of civility among public sector workers towards even their own is shocking and staggering. The coarse and crass politics of private interest vs. collectivism has been in full force in Wisconsin. We have seen the face of public labor: brute, blunt, and uncompromisingly bad.

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