Friday, June 29, 2012

Delaware Cares About Individual Liberty

The First State of the Union has taken the initiative to free-up online gambling within the borders of their small domain.

The First State to ratify the Constitution has become the first to take advantage of the freedom accorded by Congress to the several states which permits online gambling within the borders of every state.

The Delaware state treasury department also argues that$200 million in tax revenue will flow into the state. This is no small incentive, either. The state of California ought to broaden the gambling franchise as well for residents!

Critics in the Delaware statehouse contended that online gambling would increase the "social costs" associated with the free exercise of spending and thrills.

 However, these "social costs" associated with gambling necessarily remain elusive and undetermined, as all other "social" concerns inevitable are. There are social costs related to driving a car, drinking, and smoking, yet American history has demonstrated already the foolishness of puritanical micromanaging whenitcomes to vice and victimless crimes.

A libertarian strain is breaking out across the country, with voters from California to New York rallying against debts, deficits, and the growth in government. Freeing up the state power to cease prosecuting moral choices, which social reformers chide as against the public interest, will in the end the public interest by driving down the costs and the reach of the government into the lives of taxpayers.

Delaware has done away with the sales tax. It takes the least amount of time to set up a business in the First state (one week, according to John Stossel). Delaware has also remained a haven for large corporations looking for lower tax brackets. States across the nation should pay attention to the liberal economic reforms taking root along the Atlantic!

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