Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Christie's "Missed Moment"

I for one am glad that New Jersey Governor Christie turned down a run for President this cycle, and I hope that he turns down the chance to play second fiddle (or rather double-bass) to Governor Romney on the GOP ticket.

Just as the sun outshines the moon, I cannot think of a bigger politician who commands so much media spotlight compared to the careful and calculating GOP candidate from Massachusetts. A Romney-Christie ticket would hinder the nominee, a man who is trying to diminish his New England moderation and establish his national credentials while overcoming his notional conservatism.

A recent Newsweek articles smugly suggested that Christie has “passed his sell-by date”, that he has “missed his moment”. Nothing could be further from the truth. His star is only rising. For the time being, we need leadership in every statehouse in the Union as well as the White House. Christie has served his state well. Christie should finish the job and serve as an example to governors across the country that leadership and character with can meet popular fears and political opposition with character and compromise for the good of all.

Romney has proven his credentials after four years in the Democratic stronghold of the Bay State. Now let’s see the Great Ball of Fire from Trenton finish his tenure in the Garden state. When he has completed his term, he will be the tried and true likely GOP successor in future Presidential elections.

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