Saturday, June 9, 2012

9,000 Layoff Notices --Chicken in LAUSD

The game of chicken between the  LAUSD School board and UTLA hurts teachers and students.

What purpose does it serve to inform a mass of teachers that they may or may not have a job next year? These extravagant RIF notices do nothing but put union officials in the hollow position of fighting with leadership in the central office, while teachers and students across the district hover in the painful limbo of the future of their schools and their classrooms.

Teachers deserve better. Students deserve better. The flood of layoff fliers must be damned -- or dammed, rather.

Political muscling between unions and school boards has taken all the attention of the education of the student. All the machinations do not even protect the teachers, many of whom are growing weary and wary of the frequent warnings which have little connection with realty.

Perhaps Governor Rich Snyder of Michigan should send some of his budgetary ombudsmen to slash and cut in the LAUSD budget where leadership and collective bargaining have failed time and again. This lack of integrity and efficacy from political power players is just shameful all around.

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  1. The purpose iis simply to keep teachers in fear so they will accept the unrelenting abuse snd indignity of being a failure , which LAUSD and district across the nation have imposed upon us by way of outragious propoganda and text hyperbole. While these teachers have beat the pink slips for now , make no mistake , plenty more will follow these and possibly bypass alll that hallbaloo,that seems to start in March and drags on untol mid june. In a study dcommisoned by the district, there are itemized advantages to interviewing early . However Deasy who entertains himself by firing teacher and will drive many out one way or anotner , was being shrewd enough to know CBA
    Cant fly if 9000 people are lost . At this point the utla and lausd are an openly symbiotic system, neither of them even considers teachers the waay we wish yhey would. To one we are worth about $60 each, and no matter what they will pay off the top . Dues. For dont ,