Wednesday, June 27, 2012

$400 K on Reviewing Past LAUSD Misconduct

"There was a sense in the aftermath of Miramonte, and other revelations of misconduct, that the public's confidence in the district had been shaken a bit."

Are the administrators of LAUSD serious? The residents of Los Angeles had had no confidence in LA School for decades. Why else would charter schools be exploding all over the Southland?

This extravagant expenditure to catch up on reporting misconduct will do nothing to end the ongoing, obvious, yet apparently less serious abuse of forcing students to attend schools which are poorly staffed, administered, and funded.

$400,000 could hire new teachers!

$400,000 could refurbish tarnished classrooms.

$400,000 could offset the disastrous budget deficit weighing on the second largest school districts in the county.

Better yet, $400,000 could fund a ballot initiative to introduce a comprehensive voucher program in the state of California, thus permitting parents and students to go to any school of their choice instead of settling for the school in their zipcode, regardless of its safety or quality.

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  1. You know as well as I do these morons spare no expense in pretenses. It would be so much cheaper and more efficient to just do their damned jobs and follow the laws. Maybevwe should fire all these suits and make them reapply for their jobs.