Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eric Holder -- Resign! (And Impeach President Obama!)

This country is fast growing furious over the attorney general Eric Holder,  a corrupt Obama appointee whose miscreant dealings with drug cartels and firearms, along with this repeated rebuffing of high-ranking legislators in the Senate and the House, should be enough not just to force his resignation but move House  members to draw up articles of impeachment against this imperial president.

We cannot hold on to our peace any longer as Mr. Holder continues to engage in contemptuous and evasive behavior before Congress, withholding vital information about from the public and our representatives about what he knew, when, and why he has failed to remain on top of the ongoing investigations into operation Fast and Furious.

The House of Representatives will cast a vote on charges of contempt against this wayward Attorney General, a complicit political rebel who has  refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, who under the arrogant auspices of his pandering president has also refused to enforce the immigration laws in this country.

For their flagrant abused of the rule of law, refusing to enforce what Congress has enacted, Attorney General should be held in contempt and President Obama should be impeached and removed from office.

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