Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Maher: Republicans Care About Mexicans Surviving!

Television personality -- a euphemism, if there ever was one -- and brash liberal mouthpiece Bill Maher has issued one of the most insensitive remarks yet against the GOP:

"Republicans don't care about dead Mexicans."

The race-baiting which is dominating our airwaves today has become a nasty distraction to the growing problems associated with illegal immigration.

If any policy demonstrates  unmitigated callousness, it is the notion that extending amnesty indefinitely, that according reprieves in a piece-meal fashion actually serves the youth of illegal parents. Undoing the rule of law in this country, punishing legal immigrants and all of those who seek legal entry into this country will only compromised the safety, security, and legacy of natural right and natural law which attract so many to this country.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has made a worthy point, that if he lived in a poor Latin American country, if he had kids who were so poorly served by the state in his home country, he would do everything in his power to get himself and his  family into this country. Rubio acknowledges the spirit that motivates all immigrants to seek a better life; however, neither Rubio nor any other compassionate politicians is betraying this understanding in demanding nevertheless that any individual, any family seeking a better life, must do so legally.

I would also add, an element of this immigration debate which is still sorely missing, that the naturalization process in this country must be streamlined at length. It should not require decades for individuals to enter this country through legal means if individuals have demonstrated both the character and the caliber to contribute to this country as informed and involved citizens.

The GOP does care about the Hispanic community, but to allow for porous borders and indiscriminate and undocumented entery will only lead to more deaths, more coyote runs that endanger citizens and property, more attacks against the rule of law and the cultural comity which has brought this nation together, which has transformed many into one people.

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