Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walker Won the War of Ideas, not Campaign Contributions

According to a recent Wisconsin State Journal editorial, "A lot more than money mattered" in the recall election of Governor Scott Walker.

I could not agree more. Most voters certainly had decided long before June 5 that they had had enough of the recalls.

But voters in Wisconsin, and by proxy throughout the country, are tired of unions using unsolicited dues to pay for sympathetic legislators to take office and make cozy arrangements for them. It's time that public sector unions paid their "fair share" for pensions and benefits.

The Walker win is also a win for Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision which allowed for private individuals and corporations to fund unlimited campaign speech. The fact that the boat-loads of money dumped into the Dairy State did not have the extended effect as diid the power of ideas and exasperation only underscores the limited power of political propaganda.

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