Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waxman on ObamaCare Drafts

Waxman wants to retain insurance provided by employers -- yet ObamaCare would punish or push employees off their employers rolls.

Pre-existing conditions.

Small businesses go into a dyfunctional market -- because of government regulation!

Access to affordable coverage requires free market forces. Ever since ObamaCare was passed, the price of health insurance has surged. There is less choice for consumers.

If choice is important, per Waxman, then why not permit recipients to purchase health insurance policies across state lines?

Improve medicare? ObamaCare raids the Medicare program to the tune of $500 billion!

Adress physicians -- fix payment rates --- SGR

Major investments in the workforce. Make them available -- do they really think that health care professionals grow on trees? Why not suspend or limit the licensure laws which create an unnecessary and immoral limiting lobby on health providers.


Waxman apparently did not feel pressed or even under duress to know what was in his OWN BILL!!!!

Of course, Waxman being witless about his own working drafts of legislation is not so  uncommon. . .

Yikes! I know that voters from Palos Verdes to Malibu can do much better than Waxman!

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