Friday, June 29, 2012

38 Years is Too Much and Not Enough for the 33rd District

One more term for Waxman is too much.

38 years -- he's been in Congress longer than the growing number of unemployeed college students have been aliving and breathing.

He was kicking around in Congress when Barack Obama was living in Honolulu.

He entered Congress the same year that Nixon resigned from the Presidency. It's time for Waxman to take a well-deserved departure from Congress.

Then again, for a politician who has bragged about refusing to run even a meager campaign to retain his seat, he certainly still commands a great deal of elected arrogance.

The United States, from coast to coast, has manifested a growing willingness to throw out the old and tired incumbents, men who have overstayed their welcome, giving off an easy complacency, as if their seat in Congress now belongs to them by virtue of birthright.

Congressman Waxman has not faced a real challenge in forty years. That kind of non-campaigning would make anyone soft and easy to dispense with.

Let us hope that Mr. Bloomfield takes into account the latent frustrations of West Los Angeles and the Malibu-Pacific Palisades coastline in taking down the former chairman of the House Energy Committee. Sooner or later, a politician cannot take every vote for granted.

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