Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Burning Up Waxman -- Three Bills on the Backburner

Waxman has got to go! From Beverly Hills to Rancho Palos Verdes, the voters cannot let this vain honey badger of a man take one more term in office.

Waxman has been burning both ends of the candle long enough. He has become such a fixture in Washington, he rarely campaigns actively. Does he represent his state and his constituents, or has he fastened himself with an imperious air of entitlement to his seat in Congress, refusing even to deign to assert his responsibilities to the voters who bring him into office every term?

This guy has his nose in everything, and the voters in the 33rd Congressional district do not need to get lost in the nostrils of a nosy pol who has spent more time grilling baseball players than pushing much needed budget reform and fiscal discipline.

He has served for eighteen terms, and that without any other distinction besides hammering free enterprise while preening for the camera at length.

I do not care how vocal his support has been for the state of Israel, this man is a disaster that never stops.

Let's look over some of the Congressman's "signature" legislation:

He supported ObamaCare, one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation in modern U.S. History.

1."Relief bill for Allan Bolor Kelley. . "

Who is this guy? Does the Congressman have any business authorizing private legislation for anyone?

2. Wireless Innovation and Public Safety Act of 2011
Institutes a Public Safety Broadband Corporation. The last thing that this country needs is more corporations, more bureaucratic entities established to push around more government power at the expense of free enterprise and commerce.

3. H.AMDT.802 to H.R.2681 An amendment numbered 11 printed in the Congressional Record to add a section which instructs the EPA Administrator to not delay actions to reduce emissions from any cement kiln if such emissions are harming brain development or causing learning disabilities in infants or children.
    Instead of haggling over cement, why not repeal some of the legislation that is stalling economic growth? ObamaCare has got to go, for one, but since Mr. Waxman is so fond of this fanatical  piece of federalize force, then he has got to go, as well.

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