Friday, June 29, 2012

South Bay Asks: Where is Waxman?

An indication of how much things have changed is that the presumed frontrunner – Democrat Henry Waxman, who has served 37 years in Congress – has yet to make a campaign visit to the South Bay. Waxman, 72, who lives in Beverly Hills, has been very straightforward about his reason for not visiting: he doesn’t need to in order to win the primary. His political and financial base has long been Beverly Hills and its more immediate environs.
(Easy Reader News, June 1, 2012

Could anything shout any louder how crassly out of touch Congressman Waxman has become?

"reason for not visiting: he doesn’t need to in order to win the primary"

Yet as far as the general election is concerned, Mr. Waxman better tool up his knowledge of this region. The voting strength here is strong enough to tilt power away from the long-standing incumbent.

The past few election cycles have witnessed long-lived legislators suddenly swept from office. The increasingly volatlie nature of American politics should put all seasoned politicians on high alert. Jim Leach of Iowa in 2006, Christopher Shays of Connecticut in 2008, David Obey of Wisconsin voluntarily stepped down from office in 2010, rightly discerning that the anti-Obama backlash would have beaten him down, despite his lengthy tenure in Congress. Other prominent Democrats were kicked out in 2010 in one of the greatest reversals of party power in Congressional history.

Mr. Waxman would be well-advised to make some move to the South Bay, if he intends to remain competitive for the 2012 election. No incumbent is safe, yet the presumed assurance which Mr. Waxman exudes should be enough to discourage him from receiving more term in office.

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