Monday, May 4, 2020

Open Letter to Torrance City Council: Reverse Stay-at-Home Orders, No Local Emergency Extension

Dear Torrance City Council and Staff:

It amazes me that the city of Torrance insisted on issuing its own stay-at-home, lock-down, must-wear-mask order.

The statistics bearing out the so-called spread of COVID-19 do not justify these extended lockdown orders across the country, and certainly not in the city of Torrance.

The rate of infections has dwindle tremendously. Initial projects had suggested that 2 million would die from COVID-19. Then teh projections were repeatedly revised downwards to 1 million, then one hundred thousands, then into the tens of thousands.

The projections have been wrong. Individuals who have contracted COVID-19 have survived by and large. A friend of mine from the city of Torrance, who now lives in Downey, contracted COVID-19 and had few symptoms before, during, and after the contraction.

More estimates indicate that COVID-19 is no different from the common flu, if actually milder in impact.

More importantly, it is unconstitutional for any government in the sovereign United States to allow for extensive lockdown orders.

Any emergency order must be narrowly defined and time-limited. Anything else is unconstitutional.

It's time to open up the City of Torrance once again.

Local municipalities are within their rights to exert constitutional authority and disregard unconstitutional statewide lockdown calls.

Sheriffs in Wisconsin and Washington are doing this, for example.

Municipalities are doing the same. Check out this order released by the City of Energy, Illinois:

Georgia, Oklahoma, Alaska are taking steps toward opening up their states already. Orange County, CA has issued guidelines for business to reopen, as well.

The city of Huntington Beach, CA did not shut down their beaches EVER -- and there has been no spread of COVID-19.

San Diego has begun opening up their beaches, too! Why is there any delay for Torrance to open up?

City manager, the city order needs to be lifted. All forms of commerce need to be permitted to open up once again.

Time to rescind the orders and disregard the unconstitutional orders issued by Los Angeles County and California government agencies.

[Comments sent three days later]

I have been informed that a supplemental item was added to Agenda Item 9A.

I am unpersuaded and undeterred from my prior declaration.

The city of Torrance should not be extended any statement of emergency.

Whatever funds that the city needs to recoup after May the 15th, they can be sure that those funds will be coming into the city coffers when businesses open up again and commerce is renewed throughout the city.

No extension of the Local Emergency Declaration.

No more lockdown condititions.

Reopen Torrance Beach.

Issue a letter/resolution/declaration demanding that the County of Los Angeles and Governor of California rescind their excessive, unnecessary lockdown orders.

I would ask the city council to direct the Torrance police department not to enforce the county and statewide orders. They are unconstitutional in their overreach. The city has the right and responsibility to take these actions due to its status as a charter city and due to the basic oaths taken by the elected officials in the city.

Enough is enough.

The COVID-19 outbreak was never as serious as many of the experts had declared. The mortality rate associated with COVID-19 is less than for the common flu. Forcing individuals to wear facemasks in public for trade in commerce is not conducive to good health, to the development of anti-bodies, or to the development of herd immunity to ward off the spread of this disease. In fact, most of the outbreaks of this illness have ocurred in nursing homes in the city. More defined, concrete steps should be considered to assist the potential victims in these populations, but the comprehensive lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are ineffective overreach.


I am urging everyone else who receives this email to CALL INTO the Torrance City Council meeting tomorrow night.

Everyone can watch the city council meeting live tomorrow night -- it starts at 7pm.

Click on the link below, and then the link for the live city council meeting will appear there:

The Agenda item dealing with the extension of the local emergency order is Item 9A.

PARTICIPATE BEFORE THE MEETING by emailing CouncilMeetingPublicComment@TorranceCA.Gov and write “Public Comment” in the subject line. In the body of the email include the item number and/or title of the item with your comments. All comments emailed by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 will be included as a “Supplemental” on the City’s website prior to the meeting. Comments received after 4 p.m. will be uploaded to the following day.

PARTICIPATE DURING THE MEETING by calling 310-618-2404.

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