Thursday, September 27, 2018

CA MassResistance Stands for Trump at Orange County Board of Education (Photos)

California MassResistance informed concerns parents, patriots, and other conservatives throughout Southern California to attend in full force at the Orange County Department of Education special meeting on September 26th, 2018.

The OC LGBT Center planned their own protest outside of the board meeting, but at the same time they committed to boycotting attendance inside the meeting hall.

I arrived at 4:30pm, about an hour before the pro-family groups had announced their arrival.

The OC Sheriff's Department was on scene, but their presence was ultimately pretty light.

Private security stood on scene as well to keep the peace as much as possible.

The LGBT Bullies showed up at about 5:45 pm to prepare for Kevin De Leon, the state senator who is trying to oust incumbent Dianne Feinstein from power.

He is one of the most vicious pro-LGBT advocates in the state of California. He has worked extensively with other progressive interest groups to undermine the state of California, going after the rights of citizens, parents, and families.

Here are some of the signs from the LGBT groups.

The guy in the blue shirt below kept blocking my camera, getting very close to me.

I needed to ensure the safety of my person around this group.

These homosexual activists can be very dangerous.

The lady below was shrill, upset, outraged by my presence. I demanded every opportunity to confront State Senator Kevin De Leon, but the crowd of liberals kept him walled off from me.

That is wrong!

This group was not very large, either.

Whether the regressive left gets it or not, Orange County residents don't want this regressive, abusive, leftist agenda overwhelming their county and indoctrinating their children.

It's time to stand for truth, and no one is going to prevent us from doing so!

My friend Genevieve Peters is one of the boldest, most brazen patriots out there.

She walked right into the LGBT fire and confronted the perverse agenda that these so-called "tolerant" people were pushing on everyone else.

It is truly shameful that this whole problem has come to such a head anywhere in this country, even in California.

Transgenderism? Homosexuality as a civil right? When does this insanity stop?!

This guy was wearing an "Equality California" shirt, which means that big money is pushing this destructive agenda.

Gary Gileno, aka Grindall61, was on scene recording, too. If it wasn't for Genevieve and Gary, I would have never attempted to go right into the fray with the LGBT haters.

California MassResistance stands for truth!

For a guy who believes in equality, they sure went to great lengths to exclude people!

These LGBT Bigots frequently misuse the word "hate" -- it's very offensive.

True hatred is pushing lies on people. True hatred is dishonoring Biblical and Biological truth.

The true hatred was manifested among the LGBT throng.

I am so tired of these fake priests and false prophets pushing lies about homosexuality and transgenderism.

It is wrong. These people should not present themselves in any way as "Christian" ministers.

This is a full-on fraud!

Here we go again with the LGBT "victim" narrative.

This guy was the photographer from the OC Register.

The guy with the fisherman's hat and orange vest shows up at all the OC Democratic Party and left-wing movements.

Who pays his bills, I wonder?

More rainbows, but they have no knowledge what the rainbow really means.

There's Genevieve:

While the regressive left talks about religious tyranny, we are facing off against irreligious tyranny, too.

The Secularists are some of the most abusive, puritanica

It is shocking that these adults would bring their children to these events.



The guy in the gray shirt is part of a larger gay-straight alliance.

Not good.

Homosexuality and transgenderism are disorders. All of this wrong.

We need to speak the truth to error.

Make America Decent Again?

Sure. Stop LGBT perversion!

The big money is coming from the Left: George Soros, Tom Steyer, the Human Rights Campaign, Equality California, etc.

Such hypocrisy.

Check out the Orange County Board of Education dais below:

Here are the church communities rallying against the LGBT Agenda:

Check out the police presence at the Orange County Board of Education:

Here are more photos of the LGBT bullies:

California MassResistance stands for truth against the LGBT Agenda in Orange County, CA.

Make California Great Again!

And the OC Sheriff's deputies:

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