Sunday, July 1, 2018

Heinous Desperation of the Left: Defamation in Simi Valley

Roslyn La Liberte is a welcome member of the growing "LA County for Trump" movement. Conservative activists all over Southern California are starting to flex their muscles like never before.

The Left can't stand it.

We the People have had enough, and we are not stopping just because Donald Trump is President, and just because the much-ballyhooed Blue Wave is now turning into a trickle overrun by a rolling Red Tsunami.

The desperate tactics that have now gone on full display are beyond reprehensible. They will engage in all kinds of violence. They will destroy or steal private property. They have no problem hitting others, of course.

Their most sinister move often involves going after people's jobs and income. They will call employers to get people fired from their jobs. If a conservative owns a business, they will defame the business owner in any way possible so that they lose clients and are foced out of business.

And that is exactly what abusive activist Alan Vargas has done to our friend Roslyn La Liberte.

Here's the offensive, libelous tweet which Alan sent out:

No such thing happened.

Roslyn did not talk to anyone like that.

The 14-yr-old featured in this photo,  Joseph Luevanos, cleared up the whole account on Fox 11 News with Hal Eisner:

La Liberte and her husband tell us people have been calling their phone to harass her. She says the picture couple with the spread of social media has been incredibly damaging. First, she says, "I look like a monster. If I saw that i would be upset.” She says one of her clients has already dumped her because of the photo.

The teen says, I heard some people were boycotting this woman’s business. I don’t really want that... because she was being civil.”

When we first talked to her at her home she broke into tears because we told her what Luevanos told us about her "being civil". She says, "I wasn’t really doing anything to him and everyone thought I was and that makes me really sad. It makes me really sad that I’m so vilified.

To that, Luevanos says "I don’t really want this upon her. She doesn’t deserve it because she was giving her opinion at a place where everyone should be able to say their peace.”

Instead of getting the facts (as if liberal media care about the facts), Joy Reid of MSNBC shared Vargas' tweet:

Roslyn has lost business, has lost clients because of that social media lie. This is totally unacceptable.

It's time to make some other things happen.

Alan Vargas needs to issue an apology and take down his vile tweet.

He is now liable for damages because of his libelous tweet.

On top of that, Joy Reid is in big trouble for sharing the tweet, not that she hasn't embraced such fraudulent controversy before. Her long history of abusive, racist blog posts have pushed her into troubled circumstances before.

1. Please report Alan Vargas for his malicious tweet.

Here's his Twitter profile:

2. Please share this post.

3. Please contact me so that I can help Roslyn get in touch with an attorney to sue Vargas and Reid for perpetuating these hateful lies about our friend.

My email address:

4. Please contact her business by email to show your support:

5. Write her business  a positive review -- she deserves it.

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