Saturday, April 16, 2016

Trump Supporter Now Supports Cruz

Last night, another Californian contacted me all of a sudden.

He informed me that he was no longer going to support Donald Trump.

He is not supporting Ted Cruz for President!

I was surprised by this change of mind, since he was constantly telling me that I should vote for Donald Trump.

Here is the discussion which took place last night:

Former Trump, turned New Cruz Supporter: 

Sorry man I endorsed Cruz.

Arthur Christopher Schaper
You changed your mind

New Cruz Supporter:

I am supporting Ted Cruz.

Arthur Christopher Schaper

Why have you changed your mind

New Cruz Supporter:

Trumps Colorado tantrum kinda did it for me. And the Cruz folks are backing me for [office]

"Lyin' Ted" did not lie about Dr. Ben Carson or about Marco Rubio, nor is he stealing delegates.

Unlike the Donald, he simply took time to read up on the delegate rules in different states.

So much for Trump's Art of the Deal.

The Donald's unpresidential behavior is disconcerting. Instead of whining when you lose, you need to fight back--and fighter better--to win. What happens when a candidate who runs on his "Never Losing" streak starts losing?

His loser attitude will only ensure he loses more voters, delegates, and probably the nomination!

I was kinda swayed by Amash's endorsement too.

For the record, Congressman Justin Amash (R-Michigan) is a libertarian who has voted against his own party leadership as well as the liberal Democratic lunacy. He had initially endorsed Rand Paul.

Sarah Palin endorsing him led me to him initially.

I don't know why she did.

A lot of us were made to believe he is a conservative.

How are so many conservatives being led to believe that Donald Trump is a conservative?

I offered that this New Cruz supporter should read what I wrote about Donald Trump last year. Andrew Breitbart called out Donald Trump a few years before his untimely death: "He is not a conservative."

Who indeed is repsonsible for making Donald Trump seem like a conservative?

Who indeed?

For now, I am grateful that one more California conservative is no longer stumping for Trump, but choosing to cruise with Ted Cruz!


  1. ONE LITTLE MISTAKE,"IS NOW SUPPORTING TED CRUZ" not...he is NOT. Hope Ted Cruz gets more support in California .

  2. Donald refused to put staff on the ground in both Colorado and Wyoming. He had plans to attend Colorado's convention, then cancelled less then a week before. He attended neither.

    He had the exact same info on all 50 states on election process and delegates. In 2012 he apparently did understand it as he insulted Rick Santorum when he lost delegates to an opponent after he won the state.

    There is noons to blame for trump not hiring seasoned professionals who have experience in national elections, except for the man who ' consults himself, because he has a great brain and lots of good words.'

    He can only blame himself for not putting staff and organisation on the ground in each state before announcing his run for president.

    Just as he should fault himself for not doing his homework and learn about foreign and domestic policies and issues. He has no in depth knowledge which becomes more and more obvious.

    He refuses to debate Cruz one on one. He just recently has decided to explain his policies in public. Perhaps he has been relatively quiet to finally learn issues. That certainly is late in the game.

    For a man who's wheelhouse is that he will hire only the smartest people, he has failed.

    He is running a lousy campaign. He refuses to do the work necessary to win delegates or even compete in every state. He said Wyoming wasn't worth the money it would take.

    So now he complains it is rigged against him. The rnc and Cruz are cheating him. He constantly tells his followers that voters have been denied the right to vote. And he must know the delegates in CO and WY are picked selected from the ground up.

    He uses his incompetence and laziness to attend to the ground game a a way to turn it around to rile his Base into a frenzy. This, he thinks, will prevent his fans from noticing his inconsistencies, his democrat leanings an continued policies, his money which kept said establishment in power.

    He thinks they won't look at the fact he hired illegals for decades. Or told Romney he is too hard on immigration.

    Or that he has stood for a ban on assault weapons. And c/o that republicans are too close to the NRA.

    He doesn't want them to notice his attack on free speech by making his NYC campaign volunteers sign a non disclosure form.

    He needs them deflected to how unfair everyone is to the Donald and forget he said he wouldn't rule out nuking Europe. Or dismantle NATO. Or support Saudi Arabia, south Korea and Japan getting their own nuclear arsenal.

    If he can't run a campaign how can he run a country?