Friday, April 10, 2015

Walker, Not to Be Underestimated

While US Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have announced their bids for President in 2016, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has remained under the radar, yet not to be underestimated.

Walker has survived repeated, failed media flails to recast his views on controversial issues, such as right-to-work, illegal immigration, and common core. Even Breitbart (based on a Wall Street Journal column), attempted to smear Gov. Walker based on spurious reports about a pathway to citizenship from three anonymous sources at a New Hampshire fundraiser. Breitbart has since reported Walker’s clear stance on immigration: secure border and e-verify.
For the record, Walker should be applaud for signing off on right-to-work, despite initial presumed reticence, all of which takes place because unions have an immoral tendency to extend labor contracts indefinitely right before right-to-work legislation ensues. As for Common Core, media reports cannot spin the facts: Walker has steadily opposed its implementation, and even called for its repeal.

Not the media, but President Obama has been attacking Governor Walker, not Senators Paul and Cruz, for his lack of foreign policy experience, claiming he should take “some time to bone up on foreign policy."
Rejecting any appeasement deal with Iran, Walker slammed the President: “President Obama's failed leadership has put him at odds with many across the country. . .Whether it is cutting a bad deal with Iran, calling ISIS the JV squad, or touting Yemen as a success story.”

Punching back twice as hard, Governor Walker is looking more presidential every day.

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