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Unrelenting Irony: LGBT Activist Denies Sexual Deviancy, Inevitably Proves Otherwise

Openly Gay LGBT Activist Otto Fong

So here it is: I, Otto Fong, have always been and always will be a gay man. When you ask about my spouse, I will say he is a man. I am as proud being gay as you are proud being straight. I am not, as some people like to label gays, a pedophile, a child molester, a pervert or sexual deviant. I did not choose to be gay, just like heterosexuals did not choose to be straight. I am not going to hell (not for being gay anyway). -- The Online Citizen, Open Letter

Mr. Otto Fong wrote the following letter when he came out to the Singaporean public in 2007 about his sexual preferences.

His "coming out" was quite a controversial act in 2007, considering that that was the same year in which a petition was formally launched to repeal 377a, the statute in the Republic of Singapore which criminalizes immoral acts between men, including sodomy and other sexual perversions.

He decided to declare his homosexual preferences to the general public. He was summarily forced to resign his position his teacher. Since then, he has left the country and continued in his "marriage" with another man.

What is striking about the above statement is that he made himself out to be a benign individual with a benign eccentricity, nothing more. "I like men, while other men like women," he more or less insinuates.

He declares emphatically that he is not a pervert or a sexual deviant either. He declared his otherwise normal sexual leanings thirteen years ago to a conservative public which by and large supported maintaining 377a. The statute is not rigorously enforced, yet the legislation informs the domestic public as well as the international community that the Republic of Singapore does not endorse, does not support homosexuality, transgenderism, and other sexual paraphilias.

Now, Mr. Fong wanted to give the impression with his "coming out" statement that homosexuals and transgenders are otherwise normal people. There is nothing for the general public to fear or to raise alarm about. "We are not sick people," he implies. In fact, the homosexual lobby worked very hard to pressure medical and mental health institutions to cease recognizing homosexuality--and later on, transgenderism--as mental disorders. This successful lobbying effort took place in the United States in 1973 for starters. Since then, the LGBT movement as a whole has gone to great lengths to put foward the following narrative:

1. We were born "this way".
2. Our sexual preferences are neither deviant nor destructive.
3. We have nothing more to request other than equal rights with heterosexual couples.

On the matter of deviance, Mr. Fong has greatly undermined himself.

In the last three months alone on his Facebook page, one can find numerous examples of his deviant behavior. He not only reports on his disturbing conduct, but insists on celebrating his private perversities in public!

The following posts he has plastered on his social media with no sense of awareness, but plenty of abandon:

(This man is supposed to be a teacher, mind you, but more on that disturbing detail later).

Here, Fong uses profanity.

He talks about masturbation.

He thinks it's a joke to put on his Facebook page. Really?

But there's more:

 More jokes, more open discussions about masturbation. Yes, indeed. This is quite deviant behavior, to put it mildly. Do married couples reveal the most intimate aspects for their sex lives to the public? Many couples understandably struggle to share their needs, wants, and insecurities with one another as it is!

But to make crass, crude, sexually explicit jokes, especially in connection with a serious illness and a rapidly spreading virus? This is very disconcerting.

And how about this post? Mr. Fong is now advocating for threesomes. Really.

"There is no benefit for us to conform", Fong writes when it comes to proper and improper sexual relations.

In other words, "Let's embrace deviant behaviors."

These comments, these public statements from an activist homosexual like Otto Fong should come as no surprise.

Homosexuals do not, cannot remain in simple, straightforward (in every sense of the word) relationships. The inherent pains, hurts, and traumas which gave rise to the behaviors often drive these individuasl to engage in all kinds of deviant, dangerous, destructive acts which are harmful to themselves and to others. "Threesomes" are hardly a means by which any individual can properly conssumate a relationship, whether among heterosexual or homosexual couples.

Mr. Fong probably had no idea how far the road to sexual anarchy and despair would take him.

Consider also these posts, which he also publishe quite recently.

He makes crude jokes about bestiality:

This account from Fong's childhood is particularly revealing as well as disturbing:

Here, Fong reports that he experienced his first orgasm at 11 years old. That's quite young for a male. One has to wonder if he was sexual exploited or used in some fashion, that he would end up ejaculating so early in his youth--and in a pool, a public place. Didn't his parents have enough sense, enough regard for the well-being of their son?

The fact that he jokes about such an intimate matter, and one involving his childhood, is particularly revolting, and even degrading.

This man makes jokes about sexual awareness and expression from his childhood? This is more deviant behavior, certainly--sexual deviant behavior.

Then we find another post, in which Otto Fong gives a lengthy comment about his solitary habits of self-pleasure:

For the sake of decency, I will not report word for word what he wrote. It's worth pointing out that he not only goes into great deal about his own self-pleasure habits, but insists on documenting them and even praising them. This is a clear lack of judgment as well as immoral and dishonorable. Again, would healthy married couples go to such lengths to expose their marital intimacies with the public? Mr. Fong is a "married" man, as well--to another man, which in effect voids his stance as a properly married person.

He has a sexual partner, but he insists on not only engaging in masturbation, but sharing his auto-erotic activities with the world. He dishonors his own body, and he dishonors the body and well-being of his "partner". This is selfish, childish behavior, but behavior which also indicates a deeply entrenched addiction to this sexual perversion.

To recap, I have provided above  five posts from Mr. Fong's Facebook profile from just the last two months.

In light of these very revealing comments, consider  once gain his "coming out" statement from 2007 once again:

I am not, as some people like to label gays, a pedophile, a child molester, a pervert or sexual deviant.

On the contrary ...

Yes, Mr. Fong, You are a pervert.

Yes, Mr. Fong, you are a sexual deviant.

It gets worse, of course.

This very troubled man also writes books for children:

And he is a teacher.

Consider the thoughts running through his mind when he interacts with them:

His initial, very deviant response to the question above is provided below:

"I thought of a meme I saw recently. It said: “People with high sex drive look younger than their ages.”

I wonder if the parents of the students in his class will want their children around such a dissolute man after reading all of this. Indeed.

Mr. Fong, sadly, is very typical of many homosexuals, particulary the activists who are pushing their hardest to normalize their behaviors before the general public, to insist that everyone else recognize, accept, even celebrate their conduct.

There is a deep-rooted sense of immaturity among homosexuals. They act as though they have not really grown up. Their development is quite stunted, considering the level, the invasive nature of information they share about themselves. They insist on identifying themselves with their feelings, with catering to their desires, and demanding that everyone else embrace them and their sexual proclivities without refusal or limitation.

The fact is that the behavior and its attending patterns are inherently deviant, and there is nothing that homosexuals can do about it of itself. The notion of monogamous, stable homosexual relationships simple does no bear out. A number of have studies have confirmed that homosexuals ended up having multiple sexual partners, even if not engaging with more than one at a time.

Mr. Fong wanted to portray himself as a misunderstood victim in 2007, when he declared to the world that he was a gay man who needed to be true to himself. The truth is that he lied about himself, too, when he claimed that he was not a pervert or a sexual deviant. In fact, homosexual conduct cannot separate itself from such inevitable profligacy.

Scientists, political pundits, and even every day citizens around the world must recognize these harrowing realities about homosexual, transgenderism, and other paraphilias. These LGBT behaviors, and the ideology which defends and even promotes them, are deviant and perverse, and no denials can hide those facts. In fact, the homosexuals themselves cannot help but expose the deviant, dark, and destructive nature of their behaviors.

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