Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sodomy Makes One Susceptible to Coronavirus: The Case of David Lat

David Lat, an attorney and blogger in New York City, shared some grim news with the public yesterday:

I am saddened that the Coronavirus has so debilitated him. I do hope that he recovers.

He shared some of the lingering consequences of this infection:

He is a healthy, young male, and yet he is suffering such unprecedented symptoms!

Wow! He's a runner, too! What's going on, then? Is it really the severity of the virus?

His next tweet gives us more information:
Mr. Lat writes: "I gave it to my husband."

He's "married" to a man?

He's a practicing homosexual. No wonder the case of the flu has hit him harder. Homosexual conduct makes one more like to contract all kinds of illnesses. Those behaviors are going to make a person more susceptible to illness. No one wants to talk about this, but this matter must be confronted head on.

I want David Lat to be delivered from this illness, but I moreso want him to be delivered from the perversion which has entrenched him to seek physical intimacy from other men.

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