Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Dramatic Irony: Progressivem Sanctuary Jurisdictions Get Sued for Turning Illegal Aliens Over to ICE

I finally had some time to write a report about these two events.

In two sections of Sanctuary State California, pro-illegal organizations like the ACLU launched lawsuits because these agencies still turned illegal aliens over to ICE after they were arrested.

Didn't the ACLU and other pro-illegal organizations take any time to read SB 54? The counties and local municipalities can still turn illegal aliens over to ICE if they commit violent felonies. Of course, every single illegal alien should be deported, even if they do not commit any other crime besides entering the United States illegally.

Sheriff Gregory Ahern
Alameda County

First, check out what happened to the Alameda County Sheriff:

Eighteen years ago, Maria Ortega Rangel left her home state of Nayarit, Mexico and came to California in search of a better life. In Oakland, she got married, but in 2006 her husband was tragically murdered. The crime was never solved. Years later, she met another man, married a second time, and they had a baby girl.

She entered the United States illegally. The East Bay Times conveniently forgets that fact.

Until this year, she's never been in trouble with the law, but her current husband got her into a legal mess — but of the kind that California's sanctuary policies were meant to prevent. Now, she's lost her home, is facing deportation, and fears she'll have to take her daughter, who is a U.S. citizen, back to the poverty of rural Mexico.

Oh brother. The sob story is just rolling out on us, and all of us are supposed to just feel sorry for this lady. Hold on, though ...

Her problems began on Jan. 23, when Alameda County Sheriff's detectives entered her home with a search warrant. They found what they were after in Ortega's bedroom: a large quantity of heroin hidden inside a dresser.

There were DRUGS IN THE HOUSE. This is very serious.

Ortega cooperated with the detectives from the start. According to a report written by sheriff's deputy Aaron Bjork, Ortega told them the drugs belonged to her husband, who was not home at the time.

So, we have the reverse of what happened in the Garden of Eden. The wife puts all the blame on the husband. "It's his fault! It's his fault! I had nothing to do with it."

As if! She lived in the house all that time. She was "working" at her business, right? Really? How could she not know that her husband was a big-time drug dealer? Come on?!

The detectives arrested Ortega, and initially, the district attorney brought the full force of the law down on her. Prosecutors accused Ortega of drug trafficking. They recommended she not be allowed to post bail because any money she might access could have been "feloniously obtained." Alameda County Judge Roy Hashimoto signed off on the order. Prosecutors then charged her with four felonies, including possession with intent to sell and willful cruelty to a child because the drugs were kept in the house where her daughter also lived.

Four felonies. Reminder: SB 54 allows county law enforcement officers to turn over felonious convicts to ICE. So, what exactly is the problem?

Without getting into the extra details of the matter, the Alameda County Sheriff had this woman turned over to ICE and deported, and now everyone who is left-of-center wants the Sheriff to pay. He is getting so much grief for upholding the law, and doing so while representing one of the most left-wing county municipalities in the country. Crazy!

Then check out what happened in Huntington Park, CA.

The police picked up Mr. Jose Luis Maldonado Aguilar on June 15, 2019. He was arrested, booked, etc. A form was filled out, which informed ICE, and he was subsequently turned over to ICE. The funny is that, according to the ACLU report, we don't know what crime (crimes) Maldonado was charged with, or if he had even committed any crime at all.

This is a stunning turnaround for the city of Huntington Park. This city trumpeted to the whole world that they had appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions. It was this big-time "first", and they were patting themselves on the back.

Then, lo and behold, four years later, the police department is working with ICE, and sending illegal aliens over to get deported. What a joke!

This is quite an irony, to say the least. California's own laws cannot stop law enforcement from upholding the law!

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