Monday, March 30, 2020

Lessons and Takeaways from "Dedication and Leadership"


I have finished reading "Dedication and Leadership".

This book serves as a conservative-style activist primer for those who want to make a difference in their local communities and fight back against the regressive left and the LGBT onslaught which has become all too prevalent in our country.

"Dedication and Leadership" is an extended lecture delivered by Douglas Hyde, an Anglo-Irish freedom fighter who helped establish the Republic of Ireland. Before that, however, he was a dedicated communist, and he worked his way up the ranks of the Communist Party in Great Britain. He also witnessed the efforts and commitments of communist partisans in other parts of the world.

From all of his experience as a former communist, as well as his research into the nature and machinery of the Communist Party, he was able to explain to an audience of Catholics why Communists have been more effective in taking over governments and waging total war to push their ideology, even though there are far fewer of them in the world.

Here are the main points that I have taken away from his lecture, and how the points he brought up can be used to fight against the LGBT agenda, or any other iteration of Marxist evil:

1. Yes, we want people who are fighting this LGBT agenda to realize that they are a part of a much larger movement. They are indeed changing the world, making it a better place.

2. It is so important to give our new members a clear training in what we are trying to do. They do need to get the bigger picture.
a. We are not looking to live in a world where we coexit with evil, but rather to push LGBT out of it entirely.
b. They are not just winning one battle, but we are fighting an all-out war which will be fought in multiple fronts.

3. New members must realize that we are all about making a difference, not just informing people. We are not committed to education, but engagement and change in learning. That is what is happening. At the end of every meeting, goals have to be established: "How are you going to share or practice what you have learned?"

4. LGBT people must be seen as a small yet all-too-powerful enemy which we are standing up against. They are separating us from our fellows, neighbors, and our countrymen as a whole. They are a divisive, bigoted mob, but a small mob, nonetheless.

5. People need to feel that they are helping the hurt, the poor, the downtrodden in some fashion. We have to show the world that we are helping victims, people who have been victimized and bullied.

6. The fight against the LGBT agenda must be presented as a fight of Good vs. Evil. We need people to get this, that we are dealing with an enemy which actively hates us and wants nothing but our harm and demise.

7. People need to see that our side is already the winning side, and they in effect are coming along for the ride. They are going to be part of a much bigger movement which is already taking off. Communists are often taught that Communism is going to be the final government system of man, so they are urged to help hasten it along.

8. The Communists stress having their new members take classes. Perhaps MassResistance should discuss what kind of course or review we can put forward to get people so that they have the basic ideas and ideologies down. They need to understand that this whole LGBT agenda has been pushing a much broader set of goals, and for a much greater time than realized.

9. Douglas Hyde compares the Catholic Church with the Communist Party, and those comparisons are not the most instructive. The Catholic Church has imposed a rigid hierarchy, in which the laity can never become priests, teachers, leaders such as the priests and bishops already are. The constant theme through all the books I have read about organizing and activism is that we want, we urge people to become leaders, to inspire others. That is key, this is crucial. We are not interested in creating a narrow hierarchy at all.

10. Activists should be the best employees in their respective workplaces in order to earn the respect and the regard of their colleagues. "People will not care what you know, until they know that you care." With this line of thinking in mind, perhaps there is some merit to help Carrie Nolland and the Kenyans to set up their well ...

11. Keep being active, and keep the team of activists active doing meaningful things. This is why it's worth our while to help with causes that we may not win, but we can at least create and grow a strong sense of camaraderie and connection. Hence, it's worth our while to keep connecting with others even during this Coronavirus problem.

12. It's important to give the activists realizable goals, even if they are relatively small, while pushing harder for the larger goals.

13. Activists should not be afraid to make mistakes and to fail, but they should also be trained, be prepared to learn from their mistakes.

14. Whatever we share, write, or publish to the public, must be clearly understandable--no "in-house" jargon.

15. Educate, agitate, organize -- that's what every report that MassResistance shares should do.

16. Let's not focus on making a big impression, but spreading the ideals that we are fighting for.

17. Find points of agreement with people whom we are trying to convert to our side, rather than pointing out to them directly that they are wrong. We have to show people that we are on their side, and want to help the in whatever way we can.

18. Most people look at challenges are problems in the world, and ask "What is someone going to do about this?" Leaders ask instinctively: "What can I do about this?" We want to instill and inculcate in people that they can and must do something about stopping this LGBT perversity in their midst.

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