Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Call to Action, Arizona MassResistance: Save Women's Sports, HB 2706

Hey, Arizona MassResistance!

I know that the Arizona State Legislature is busy dealing with the Coronavirus matter.

However, there is another key bill which needs our assistance.

I am asking anyone who can, please contact the State Senate President Karen Fann.

Email her:
Phone: (602) 926-5874

Please tell her to advance the "Save Women's Sports Act" HB 2706. She is responsible for assigning every bill to a committee for hearings and votes.

This piece of legislation will keep biological males from competing against girls in sports. It's so sad that it has come to this point in any state, but we need to take every step possible to ensure that the clear distinctions between male and female are respected and guarded.

This legislation is common-sense, and should not be scuttled or rejected. It already passed out of the Arizona State House, but is awaiting a hearing in the State Senaet.

We must not let this bill die just because of the Coronavirus challenges.

Please also contact your state representative and state senator in Arizona, too. This is a worthwhile opportunity to correct these abuses and stop the advance of this LGBT agenda harming women and women's sports.

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