Monday, March 30, 2020

Michelle Malkin Called Out CPAC for Inviting Drag Queens, Rejecting MassResistance

This tweet is a telling reminder that Conservative Inc. is completely in the tank for Big Homo and Big Tranny, all because the argument follows that conservatives need to be more open, accepting, accommodating of sexual perversion.

However, sexual deviance and destruction are not civil rights in any way, shape, or form.

In fact, conservative activists and politicians need to have a deeper discussion about the role of the state in defining and enforcing civil rights.

First, let's start with the tweet in which Michelle Malkin exposed and shamed CPAC for promoting "Lady MAGA" drag queens, but shut out MassResistance in 2018:
Drag queens are not for kids.

Drag queens are not for adults, either.

Drag culture is saturated with illicit sex, drugs, and heavy drinking. Human trafficking and sex trafficking are all too common in the drag scene, too.

CPAC said "Drag Queens are OK ..
But told MassResistance to "Sashay Away"

So, why is CPAC promoting drag queens but shutting down activist groups like MassResistance which are exposing the cultural Marxist anarchy which they are pushing on everyone else? The last thing that this country needs is two gay parties. We don't need a political culture which normalizes sexual anarchy.

The Democratic Party has abandoned God, Country, and Tradition. With their rampant, hateful disregard for what is true and good, they have declared war on the natural order of things, including the family. They are active adherents and proponents of the LGBT Agenda, and all the harms which it perpetuates on a country. Why would conservatives of any stripe want to welcome this perversity into their midst?

CPAC and Conservative Inc. are not conservative. They need to be called out and rejected outright.

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