Tuesday, March 17, 2020

More Winning: Equality California Forced to Shut Down

While the world is slowing down because of the Coronavirus Crisis, I notice more silver linings resulting from this necessary pause on a world that has spun out of control.

Homosexual pandering in public, in corporate America, among political elites has taken an unprecedented hit. It's a welcome sign that there is a slow return, if not by force, to biological and moral normalcy.

In their latest eblast/news release, Equality California announced that they would be postponing their award ceremonies and shutting down operations for the time being:


This is an unprecedented and difficult time. Even as we physically distance ourselves in the name of public health, I hope that you are binding tightly together with your LGBTQ+ and ally community virtually and leaning on one another figuratively. We’re here for each other, and nothing can change that.

Out of concern for the health of our staff, all Equality California offices were closed last Friday until further notice and our team across the state and the country will be working remotely. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you need anything.

Our California LGBTQ Leadership Summit, Sacramento Equality Awards and San Francisco Equality Awards have been postponed until future dates. It is likely that additional events may also be postponed, and we will update you as soon as any decisions are made.

Due to these postponements and other uncertainties, we expect a significant loss in revenue this quarter.

While our short-term finances are solid, it is difficult to predict at this point the longer term impact that COVID-19 will have on our organization. We are working to ensure the security of our staff and existing programs, but we will no doubt have to run a lean operation and evaluate our programming for the remainder of the fiscal year.

At a time when the primary focus is — and should be — the health and well-being of our loved ones, we understand not everyone has the ability to contribute. However, if you are seeking an opportunity to make a difference right now and have the means to help make sure our organization comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic on even footing, please consider donating HERE. >>
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for considering assisting our organization in this time of need. Though our staff is working from home, we are still educating our community about the importance of participating in the 2020 Census, work that can’t be postponed. We are still advancing our critical legislation to protect LGBTQ+ students, people living with HIV from insurance discrimination and transgender people who face violence and danger in correctional facilities. And we are still advocating for safe and supportive schools for LGBTQ+ students, fighting big tobacco’s predatory marketing on our LGBTQ+ youth, protecting those living with HIV and more. Our work to ensure everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare from providers who understand the unique needs of LGBTQ+ people is more important than ever. Every dollar will help.
An unfortunate reality of this crisis is that LGBTQ+ people are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of COVID-19 because we are more likely to belong to the various high-risk demographic groups. Please take extra care of LGBTQ+ elders and those with underlying health issues. Visit THIS SITE for daily updates and FAQs from the California Department of Public Health. >>

Our community is resilient and this is undoubtedly a test on the fiber and fabric that bind us together. Whether it’s washing your hands, practicing social distancing or avoiding public gatherings, you have a part to play in protecting our LGBTQ+ siblings and our entire community. Stay strong. We’re in this together.

In solidarity and health,
Rick Chavez Zbur
Executive Director
Equality California

Now this is welcome news.

They had to close all their offices.

They have to postpone their award ceremonies.

Oh, and it gets better (no pun intended). From the Twitter feed of Assemblyman Kevin Kiley:

Californians across the spectrum should feel safer, knowing that the state legislature cannot induce more harm than they already have.

This is a pro-family victory in itself.

Lots of bad bills have been introduced for this legislative session.

One of them comes from the infamous LGBT activist Asm. Evan Low. He has introduced yet another foolish, perverted, elitist pro-LGBT bill, AB 2826, which would phase our department store sections for boys and girls. This is beyond madness, and the fact that this and other lawmakers are going to such lengths to impose this LGBT hegemony on private industries is very offensive.

California Globe reports:

Meanwhile, some consumer groups have already come out in opposition to AB 2826.

“Toy aisles are fine since most stores already do that and most are for anyone anyway,” said consumer advocate Grace Wayne. “But many people are upset about clothing aisles. Children’s underwear is different for certain reason like adult underwear, and there are significant differences in clothing even at a younger age. It has nothing to do with clothes color or designs but more about shape and structure of it.”

“Some others I’ve talked to are outraged because they’re afraid that this could lead to a confused gender-identity, but many of us aren’t very much concerned about that. It’s more about how clothes is designed for each gender, even at a young age. Also, children that young may not be prepared to learn about certain parts of gender differences and other similar problems.”

“This shouldn’t even b a law since most stores already do this regardless. Give it 5 years and pretty much every store is going to combine aisles anyway.”

“And then, what about Amazon? They’re online in California and they separate. Do we do it to them too?”

“It’s not about challenging the freedom of expression, it’s teaching kids that different clothing for different genders has a purpose for each sex.”

AB 2826 is due to be heard in Committee in late March.

This legislation would probably have met a slow death in a key committee, if it gets assigned a committee at all.

BUT ... the state legislature has gone into forced recess for a month!

This delay and other delays will become more commonplace, no doubt, since the legislature is closed for a month. This pause will also ensure that Asm. Evan Low cannot gut an amend one of his bills to attempt to ban reparative therapy for adults.

So much winning!

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