Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dear LA County Board of Supervisors: Remove LA County Sheriff as Emergency-Management Chief

Dear LA County Supervisors:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am a resident of the Fourth Supervisory District, represented by Janice Hahn.

I recently read this article in the local press:

Remove Sheriff Villanueva NOW!

I cannot stress enough what a wise decision that would be.

He has been a disgrace to the county since he was "elected", and I submit to the Board that his election should be investigated, since I still believe that it was a matter of voter fraud, not voter franchise, that elected Mr. Villanueva.

His tenure has been marked by rank arrogance and disregard for the best interests and protections of the people of Los Angeles County.

  1. He has restored and reinstated deputies accused and implicated in domestic violence against women.
  2. He has dishonored veterans like Raul Rodriguez, who insisted on a meeting with the Sheriff. Instead of honoring this request, he exposed him to open shame, asking the rest of the audience if he should meet with him or not. The audience shot down this request, when our rights as constituents to meet with elected officials has nothing to do with the interest or will of the general public.
  3. He has routinely undermined transparency related reforms in the Sheriff's Department.
  4. Cost overruns are becoming the rule, not the exception in the LA County Sheriff's department.
  5. His disdain for cooperation and enforcement of federal immigration laws will further cost county law enforcement and public safety needed federal dollars. Let's not forget that his corrupt opposition to cooperation with federal law enforcement officers puts more LA County lives at risk.
  6. The LA County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission has faced routine frustrations to get answers on the operation and maintenance of the LA County Sheriff's Department. 
  7. The celebrity related fiasco of the photos exposing the untimely demise of Kobe Bryant and his daughter to the public was quite disturbing.
  8. Recently, the Sheriff attempted to shut down every gun store in the county, only to face rebuffing from LA County counsel, since his order exceeded the stay-at-home orders issued by Governor Gavin Newsom and the LA County Board of Supervisors. 
  9. The decision to punish law-abiding businesses and gun owners is further marred by his routine decision to release an unprecedented number of prisoners from the LA County jails. Granted, state and federal officials have pointed out that the Coronavirus problem can spread very quickly in the jails. However, the innocent civilians in LA County communities should not have to succumb to more crime and abuse in the public square.
  10. Last of all, it's clear that the Sheriff has no interest in working with fellow county partners and officials to combat the spread of the Coronavirus matter. It's clear that a team player with the best interests of all Angelenos must take the lead on Emergency Management.

Indeed, Mr. Villanueva is neither committed nor qualified to serve as Emergency-Management Chief. I would advise selecting retired Sheriff Jim McDonnell and appointing him to this task.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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