Monday, March 23, 2020

Action4Canada and Canada MassResistance: Stop Ban on Reparative Therapy in Spruce Grove, Alberta

Dear pro-family fighters and activists,

Please contact the Spruce Grove, city council located in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

They are attempting to violate the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and the natural rights of all Canadians beyond the political charter TONIGHT.

They are going to be taking up a vote to ban reparative therapy, a life-saving form of counseling which helps individuals struggling with unwanted same-sex temptations and gender dysphoria issues.

This latest push to ban therapy is all about forcing the normalization and acceptance of homosexuality, transgenderism, and other destructive behaviors.

The full-on assault on biological fact, biblical truth, and basical morality cannot be ignored.

Please follow the prompts and directions below, contact the Spruce Grove city council, and tell them "Therapy Equality matters! Do not ban a life-saving therapy!"

Call To Action

Time is of the essence
....The Spruce Grove, Alberta Mayor and City Council have decided to move forward with a vote today, March 23, on a citywide "Conversion Therapy Prohibition" despite the fact that citizens will not be able to attend due to the pandemic.

Please sign the letter below (or write your own), copy and paste to your inbox and send to the Mayor and City Council.,,,,,,
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Thank you and God Bless Canada!




Dear Mayor Houston and Spruce Grove City Council,

It has come to my attention that the City is voting on the proposed ban on so called Conversion Therapy today, Monday March 23.  I find it disgraceful that you would choose to vote on this controversial matter, which is of great public interest, during a pandemic lock down.  

This ban is a massive overreach with extreme consequences which should not be dealt with by the city.  The Mayor and city council were elected to manage the city and its infrastructure.  Not to take on political social justice matters advanced by political LGBTQ lobby groups.

The city has been well informed that there is absolutely no evidence to support the lie that Conversion Therapy is transpiring in any district in Spruce Grove or for that matter anywhere in Canada.  True Conversion Therapy consisted of treatments such as electroshock, castration and institutionalization.  It is deceitful to use this term in relation to much needed reparative therapy, counselling and talk therapy.

The individuals behind this agenda are LGBTQ Political activists, such as Kristopher Wells, who are determined to strip parents of their Constitutional rights, undermine the structure of the natural family and the church and gain control of vulnerable youth in order to sterilize and mutilate them.  Science is not on their side so instead they have gone to the lowest of lows and created this grand deception that Conversion Therapy is going on in places such as church basements throughout this nation...without "any" evidence to support this.

The term Conversion Therapy is being used to create a surge of sympathy and victimize non-existent victims in order to manipulate your vote.

To arbitrarily change the definition of Conversion Therapy to support a politically charged agenda is something that must be challenged especially when that definition is absent of reality.  If conversion therapy were to be redefined, an accurate redefinition, based on what is actually transpiring, should read:
  • “any practice, treatment or service designed to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity from their biological sex to a reassigned sex, or sexual preference, in an effort to ‘prohibit’ sexual attraction or sexual behaviour between persons of the opposite sex.. This would ‘include’ hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgery”.
Defining conversion therapy accurately is imperative since the city plans to making it an offence.  

The ban threatens to criminalize therapy only for those who are providing counsel to individuals who are seeking healing and wholeness which may, or may not, lead to a life outside of the homosexual or trans life.  It does not criminalize those who are giving counsel to individuals to pursue sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy or the doctors responsible for mutilating a child’s or adult’s body and injecting them with dangerous hormones.  In this instance, the city actually provides a clause exempting any criminal culpability.

Many children questioning their gender or same sex attraction do so because they have experienced childhood trauma such as sexual abuse or other forms of abuse.  It is critical these children receive reparative therapy to talk through this in order to give them the best possible chance of living a healthy and productive life.  Who are you to prohibit them from getting the help they need?

The fact that you would even consider a one sided demanded that only leads to harmful drugs and the sterilization and mutilation of children is appalling.   Those who pursue sex reassignment surgery have a 19X greater risk of committing suicide.  Are you grasping the enormity of the death sentence you are placing on minors when you vote in favour of this By-law?  

Further, there is mounting evidence to support the rise in gender dysphoric children is due to their indoctrination via the Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum mandated by the UN and currently in schools across Alberta.  A heavy handed LGBTQ propaganda tool disguised as anti-bullying.   Drag Queen story hours and Drag Queen performers are further twisting the minds of our children and now that our trusted leaders have completely interfered with their natural thinking regarding their biology, they are coming up with this draconian move to ban critical therapy.  Leaving parents and minors with the only option to move toward harmful drugs and sex reassignment surgery wherein perfect healthy bodies parts are permanently removed!   Including sterilizing children through penectomies (removal of penis) and hysterectomies.

The State sponsored abuse of our children is reprehensible and Canadians will not continue to permit it nor will we allow our constitutional rights to be desecrated by a small group of activists. 

It is critical that the City understand medical malpractice suits and legal action is commencing and will indeed be pursued in the very near future should you refuse to take the appropriate action and dismiss this action. Eg. Tavistock   Case of 6 yr old Cdn. girl

In the United States eight state legislatures have tabled bills to prohibit the sterilization and mutilation of minors (under the age of 18).  Doctors could face jail time and fines if they provide puberty blocking drugs.  
MissouriFloridaIllinoisOklahomaColoradoSouth CarolinaKentucky, and South Dakota and growing daily....#9  Idaho

Drag Queen Story hours are also being banned throughout the US.  Stiff consequences are being imposed on public libraries due to children being psychologically abused and sexually groomed at Drag Queen Story Hours.  Missouri,   Wisconsin,  Texas,  Etc.

Every elected official is on notice...anyone supporting this abuse of our children will not be supported in future elections.  

Therefore, I request that you vote NO to this deceitful and unsubstantiated Conversion Therapy Prohibition BYLAW C-1103-19.

Yours Sincerely,

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