Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Abortions Are Elective Procedures--They Should Be Shut Down During Coronavirus Problem

I think it is stunning and disgusting all at once that there are abortion clinics that are still open, still killing babies when so many other businesses have rightly responded to shutdown, lockdown orders.

Who would actually think that an abortion mill like Planned Murderhood would count as an "Essential service"? This is beyond outrageous!

Please sign and share the petition below. Now more than ever, our governments should be predisposed to protect our rights, not undermine the life and well-being of others, even those who are not yet born.

After all, people who support abortion on demand are "pro-choice", right? That means that the procedures by their very nature are elective. It would be best for people to elect not to conduct these perverse procedures in the first place.
Our pro-life reporting is being attacked. So is the truth. We can’t back down in the fight against abortion!
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Even when...at least a third of the country's population is now in lock-down to help flatten the coronavirus curve....

Even when...only "essential" services continue to function....

And, even when...hospitals have stopped non-essential surgeries and other procedures to divert personnel and supplies to fight the virus....

Abortionists continue to operate - taking innocent human lives and depriving coronavirus victims of necessary supplies and personnel.

This needs to stop!

And, two states have already taken the lead: Ohio and Texas.

These states just banned abortionists from operating for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.**

Please SIGN this petition, which calls on all US Governors to work to stop all abortions as "non-essential," during this time of crisis.**
Especially during this pandemic, when everyone is being told to take measures to "save lives," it is the height of hypocrisy that the country's abortion mills continue to function, unabated.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about this petition. Then, please SIGN!

This is not a political or ideological issue.

It is a matter of saving lives:
  • The lives of coronavirus victims, who desperately need personnel and supplies being consumed by the abortion industry;
  • And, the lives of innocent unborn children.

With this petition, we ask state governors to ban abortion as non-essential, and we ask them to enforce such bans against abortionists who might defy the policy.

Please SIGN and SHARE with your like-minded family, friends and colleagues, today. Thank you!

Yours faithfully,

Scott Schittl and the whole Team at LifeSite

PS – Please SIGN this petition which calls on state governors to work to stop all elective abortions by declaring the procedure "non-essential" - at least for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.**

PPS - Please CLICK HERE to find out more about the petition. Then, please SIGN and SHARE with your like-minded friends, family, and colleagues.

**LifeSite believes in the sanctity of human life, from conception till natural death. We would like to see abortion stopped, everywhere, permanently, and will work towards the day when that is a reality. We do not consider life-saving treatment in pregnancy, which is designed to save the life of a mother, but which results in the unfortunate death of the unborn child, as "abortion."

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