Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Malkin Calls Out CPAC: Invite a Drag Queen, but Not MassResistance?!

Michelle Malkin has recently reported on the growing victories of MassResistance against the LGBT agenda throughout the United States.

She pointed out how the Conservative Inc. Cabal which has pushed libertarian and libertine policy points on immigration and family issues threw out MassResistance in 2018, even after Brian Camenker and team had paid the filing fee to set up a booth.

Conservative Inc. is not all that conservative. They are interested in tax breaks, corporate ease, open borders ... and open sexuality!

Check out the latest tweet sent out by Michelle Malkin:
CPAC featured a drag queen at their convention. Seriously.

Here's the pic of "Lady MAGA":

Lady MAGA gets CPAC, but not MassResistance
(Photo from New York Post)

But hey ... at least he used the men's room, right? At least he doesn't support Drag Queen Story Hour, right?

Here's the problem: the fact that Drag Queens and drag entertainment is getting such normalization is eroding the whole fabric of the culture. Drag queens are not for kids, and drag queens really are not for adults, either. Why are we allowing both parties to be essential co-opted to endorse and embrace sexual perversion and destruction?

All the hollow talking points about diversity, acceptance, inclusion, etc. is not what a culture is founded upon. There must be fundamental values, clear principles, unyielding precepts which the culture, the coutnry as a whole acknowledges and accepts.

Homosexuality, transgenderism, and like sexual paraphilias should not be celebrated or tolerated. Enough is enough. Respecting the natural rights of all Americans is wise and good, and in fact necessary based on the Founding Principles of this country

Seriously, though, it's disturbing how much MAGA grift has moved into the conservative movement in general. It's disgusting how a certain group like the LGBT movement has been permitted to force its way into both parties, and the pro-family party is refusing to take a firm stance against this.

I am so pleased that Michelle Malkin continues to call out Conservative Inc. and its insistence on kowtowing to corporate donors and greedy interests at the expense of the national interest and individual liberties. We need more people to walk away from this left-leaning tilt infiltrating the nationalist, populist, and most importantly traditionalist elements in our country.

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